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After that he took part of K-1 World GP in Melbourne, where he beat Japanese boxer Hiromi Amada, before suffering a close unanimous decision loss to reigning champion Ernesto Hoost. InHunt went to Paris to fight Le Banner again for the third time what turned out to be one of the biggest battles in K-1 history.

In between rounds the towel was thrown in as Hunt could not continue. He was drawn against Ray Sefo, who won the bout by outpointing Hunt. Hunt controlled Emelianenko most of the fight and even effectively countered an armbar early in the bout.

Despite the fact that he had a substantial weight advantage over Manhoef, he was knocked out in 18 seconds in the first round. Hunt lost the fight at the end of the first round by spinning back kick to the body. The stage was set for the final battle against Brazilian Kyokushin karate champion Francisco Filho.

After Kintaman gained control of him, Hunt Dating swedes out both C and Achichi and allowed the Hustle Army to win the match.

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Despite knocking down the Frenchman at the end of the third round, Hunt lost the fight by decision. Hunt won the rematch by knocking out Le Banner in the second round and advanced himself onto the semi-finals facing Stefan Leko.

My body is fucked but my mind is still here. Hunt and Bono teamed up at the next event on February 24, marking Hunt's first and last professional wrestling match. Hunt was immediately taken down by Barnett and ultimately lost to a kimura submission roughly two and a half minutes into the first round.

Hunt was set to fight Jerome Le Banner at Dynamite!! In quarter finals, entering the third round and behind on all scorecards, Mark was able to connect with a right cross that knocked out Stefan Leko and advanced him to the semi-finals against his career long nemesis Jerome Le Banner.

With a record of3 KO's Hunt entered his first K-1 tournament as a heavy underdog. In turn, the bout is still a "draw" on Hunt's official record, while in Silva's case it was overturned to a no-contest. Lightweight Grand Prix Final Roundand was submitted by an armlock in just over a minute into the first round.

Hunt returned to the promotion on February 21,coming to the ring to save Monster Bono from a beating by Tiger Jeet Singh and his allies of the Takada Monster Army.

After the fight however, Sefo suffered an eye injury and was not able to continue, allowing Hunt to proceed in his place. Proud that I got here without taking any shortcuts and by doing it the proper way.

UnbreakableHunt defeated Japanese boxer Yosuke Nishijima in the third round with a powerful one-two punch. It would to be his last K-1 World Grand Prix appearance. Hunt knocked down Leko two times in the first round and went on to win the fight by unanimous decision.

He lost by submission in the first round. This marked the first time he had been stopped by knockout due to punches to the head. The first two children from his first marriage are already adults. Silva, renowned for his brutal punching and Muay Thai clinch game, was neutralized by the hard-hitting Samoan and knocked down several times in the fight.

He won by TKO in the fourth round. After this he was invited to Japan for K-1 qualifications. However, because of his exciting fighting style Hunt was granted a wildcard spot in the repercharge tournament for the K-1 World GP Finals, when Mirko Cro Cop had to pull out due to injury.

Unfortunately for Hunt, Emelianenko was able to fight through it and submit Hunt with a kimura. Hunt's greatest chance of winning came when he was able to put Emelianenko in an americana.

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Photos that had emerged on the internet had shown that Hunt had lost a considerable amount of weight in comparison to that of his Pride days. On his Facebook page, where he posted the video, he captioned, "I'm going vegan, hate this".

InHunt returned to K-1 by winning the K-1 Oceania tournament for the second consecutive year. In the final moments of the round, Hunt was knocked down for the second time again by the powerful Frenchman.