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Matchmaking marketing plan, description of company

CompuDate has conservatively forecasted sales for year two, rising in year three. I was expecting the course to be interesting but it had exceeded my every expectation. Management CompuDate will be lead by a seasoned manager, Suzie Butterfly. The United States was divided into geographic zones based on population demographics.

The script asks five questions and leads the prospect to agree to receive information.

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The corporation also exclusively owns and operates the national and international databases. Within three years the service grew to offering data base matching in all of Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Many have tried number voice personals and found them to be too general and ineffective.

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Realize the efficiencies and accuracies gained with computer-assisted matchmaking services. Fear of meeting someone with a criminal background or criminal intent, fear of meeting someone who is an alcoholic, and fear of being viewed as politically incorrect are all reasons why singles' bars no longer hold the fascination they did in the s.

Matches were made manually while software specifications were developed and the software designed.

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In December ofMatchMate launched an Internet Web site with several pages of information and an on-line application for local and national bases. Direct mail is a prime form of marketing the MatchMate name and service. MatchMate's future plans also include making the Advice Forum pages interactive and presenting seminars on topics of interest to singles.

She will monitor the discussion group at specific times, answering and posing questions. I am grateful I stayed the extra day. Some indicators suggest that upper-end town homes and apartments actually hold the bulk of the singles population in most communities.

MatchMate will also be included in the July edition. CompuDate is compiling extensive market research to provide it with accurate information regarding its target market. To date, it is the only local database that the corporation owns.

While this portion of the service does not match-make, it accommodates those singles who wish only to Matchmaking marketing plan photos and contact other singles.

Many referrals come from therapists who have urged their clients to pursue relationships in a more realistic and logical manner than random dating offers.

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I am excited to become a member of the Matchmaking Institute and start my new career as a Professional Matchmaker. Many singles have limited income, as they are single parents and cannot afford expensive services estimated at two to three thousand dollars per year.

All of these costs need to be closely monitored to minimize spending and maximize profitability.