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Sometimes at night you can see a figure hanging from that same tree. This place is said to be haunted by the head doctor in charge. They may be posted in November, Things are always changing up there, never is anything in the same place twice.

The graves at this church date back to the 's. Baltimore - Poe House - Edgar Allan Poe's house is haunted by a heavyset female spirit dressed in gray. When he came back, she was gone and the doors Maryland speed dating events still locked.

Balloons pop, cold spots.

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In his remorse, after his physical body died, he stayed on to live in the study of that building as well as the library. Hebron - Ghost Light Road - Before this road was paved, local people would observe large orbs of light which would remain stationary upon approach.

It's one of the best places to meet church friends confidentially. A former seminary and Maryland landmark, worthy of it's metro rail designation as a stop.

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This was as they called it "A creepy sky scraper in the woods. Hagerstown - Stanford Hall - The woman is silk and the moon shiner haunt this building. See the picture of him in the watch desk and his eyes follow your every move.

Lansdowne was once a plantation for an apple orchard.

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They say that a girl named Margarite died there. No one knows the story of the tombstone in the middle of the woods, but no one dares to get close enough to investigate.

The Goat Man continues to be a favorite ghost story among campfires in this area. On that day in June, rides malfunction and other problems occur more than Dating chat download. There have been reports of cars seen hanging off of the bridge and then suddenly vanishing.

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The workers, after several unusual experiences, refuse to sleep at the Inn. Pounding can even be heard on the outside of the vehicle. He was said to have beaten and tourtured patients.

Best customer service - email, call, cancel anytime! Many stories of ghosts and ghostly activity include: The traffic mainly consists of commuters from Carroll County and Howard County.

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The road, the golf coarse is haunted by a black-cloaked figure who chased others at one time. Upon hearing that news, Madison returned to Washington.

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JJ likes to turn lights off and on and he likes to lock doors. Seen in the woods where the neighborhood urban legend died in the 's.

To this day, if you go there, and turn off your engine There is even a general who haunts the campground.

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Whether it is the frequent plate flying across the room, to glasses falling off the bar's wall, as though they are being knocked off one by one, happenings seem to occur very often.

The road, due to it's sharp turns and constant hills, has been the site of many accidents. They heard sounds of feet shuffling and people talking above us.

InSherwood High School opened as a Friends school and became a public school inserving Brookeville and other nearby areas.

Towson - The Hampton Mansion - There is a book of ghost stories about this historic mansion previously owned by the Ridgely family. The Depot has an old tunnel that goes under Main Street.