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Skye now regards him to be a "serial killer" and a "disgusting, backstabbing traitor". Now the team is left dealing with the consquences in the form of a very different Skye. Or will it be Jacob? He possesses a very broken moral foundation, which is a problem that began from his turbulent youth.

Coulson secretly followed them through. Divergent Trilogy - Rated: She knows better than anyone that a person's past can haunt them.

During Ward's attempts to explain his lies, she lashed out at him for his betrayal, punching him and hitting him. They are put in circumstances and situations they are not ready for. He is then taken into custody by the U. I don't own Divergent.

Ward confirmed almost pleadingly that despite their now opposing allegiances he genuinely has feelings for Skye - something Skye reacted to with disgust and borderline disbelief. Bella is much stronger and less annoying, and even though this isn't an 'anti-vampire' story, it involves a very dark and obsessive Edward.

And more importantly, what will their friends and families think?

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Just who is this new agents original team? He is viewed by Coulson as a viable, but an untrustworthy source of intel, and is visited by Skye only on a direct, though implicit, command from the new Director.

A Cinderella Story - Rated: A father he was never fond of. Within Coulson's team, Fitz is the only one who still believes in Ward. May, along with the rest of the team, is now Ward's enemy.

Quake Protocol by RyuuenLu reviews 6 months ago, the Consultant for Coulson's team left without saying a single word.

Relationships Edit Phillip Coulson: They witness Fitz and hive fighting.