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She scrambles around the room grabbing her stuff and runs out. Yong Yong is at the orphanage visiting with the kids when Yun Chao arrives to meet with the director.

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I know you feel the same way, too. Seoul has an ordinance limited car driving based on license plate number, to reduce traffic. She scoffs that any time spent not earning money is a waste. Yun Chao is handed the shopping center project, which will be on the orphanage land.

She asks why he sounds so relaxed, like something good happened?

He says no, and she declines his offer to wait inside. Hye-soo watches families in the park, thinking that in five years, Eun-sung will be twelve years old, and she only has a thirty percent chance of seeing it.

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He teases her, and he tells her the truth when she asks for it. Why hello there, Yoon Jin-seo, what are you doing in Heirs?

He tells her that she is harassing him, and that he will never ever fall in love with her. He points out her money fixation: Yong Yong gets up and yells at him, telling him that the bike is hers and he owes her a new bike.

She urges Hye-soo to take care of herself, so that she can be there for Eun-sung for a long time. Nah, too early for that.

Fine, do as she wants, he says, and drives off.

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Ki Joon clearly wanted to talk to Ah Jung one-on-one, but Yoon Joo turned it into a group discussion. She takes everything and leaves. First sister complains about not being able to land a good guy, second sister complains about not having a job.

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What were each of us thinking that night, do you remember? I hope the two of them learn from their mistakes and save their marriage. Ki Joon looks at the porridge and asks if Ah Jung wants him to die by eating it, since he got food poisoning from her food last night.

At the airport waiting room, Ki Joon walks up to the Chairman and bows.

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Jae Bum tells her to be better to her dad. Yoon Joo is at the beach. She tells her friend that she wanted to date Pro athletes dating website kiss a man, and dress up and go out.

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She says this is not her second kiss, and this time she pulls his head in and kisses him. Ah Jung asks herself with a worried look if Ki Joon still likes that woman?

Yun Chao calmly tells them that he will continue with the project.

Ah Jung drives, and she starts to sob. He warns her again NOT to let him see her cleaning his office. When she opens the box and looks at him in confusion, Ji-hoon asks her if she wants to not get divorced, and continue their relationship.

Yoon Joo brings out tea, and apologizes for misunderstanding Ah Jung.

Ji-hoon arrives in time to hear him, so Ho-joon hustles him away, and tells him that Chairman Han called him. Ki Joon asks why she did that, and Ah Jung explains that she was to blame for his condition and felt bad. Suddenly Yoon Joo arrives, and we get a three-way stare fest going on. With the massive promo machine accompanying this drama—which got going about seven months in advance of its premiere, which is approximately six months more than the average other drama—you had to wonder if they were building it up to a fever pitch that no reasonable drama would be able to match in execution.

Yes, I skipped lunch to recap this episode.