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One can imagine Ayako Kawasumi reading off a card written entirely in Katakana, with Yuko Goto and Yuki Kaida competent and fluent in English, respectively standing Manga matchmaking her and shaking their heads.

However, as fate would have it, Makoto's date with Erika did not go well, and she ends Dating single dad comforting him with her self-baked cookies, and they ended up being a couple.

I Always Wanted to Say That: He is very startled when his "inner female" that looks like an idealized version of the girl suddenly transforms for a moment into the "real" one, giving her a far more sinister look.

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Subverted when Sukuna kidnaps him because it's revealed that he let himself be captured because he didn't want to kill in front of Nanami. Later on she helps Sasahara to understand Ogiue, at least from her perspective.

In later instances it's Played for Laughsthough.

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Kasukabe, though she outgrows this more and more as the series progresses. Tomoe is like this whenever Nanami's plans go wrong.

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In the opening episode, she talks about how she fell in love with a guy on the train in two minutes. They go to one to help Kugayama become more outgoing - he ends up interrupting Madarame's performance of the Combattler V theme.

Elephant in the Living Manga matchmaking Early in the series, he was trying to peep at a short-skirted schoolgirl as she was climbing the stairs of an overpass, and his scooter crashed into a mini-truck.

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He finally confesses in chapter 80 of Nidaime, and is turned down. Tomoe is after all both a servant AND snarky.

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Tomoe visits a demonic marketplace to get supplies for the shrine. While they immediately recognize the new artist for Kujibiki Unbalancethey have no idea who Shimoku Kio, the creator of both Genshiken and Kujibiki Unbalanceis. Rika Komatsu Japanese ; Wendee Lee English [14] She is a pop idol, her image plastered on everything from TV commercials selling bottled water to magazine covers; but Yoshihiko doesn't know that, even mistaking her for a generic girl in a Santa suit distributing flyers.

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Just the thing to set Ogiue's fujoshi imagination alight Subverted because, thanks to Mikage, Tomoe really doesn't remember his old girlfriend, Yukiji. Kasukabe picks up this trait as well given that she doesn't give much of a damn about beating around the bush.

Nanami frequently causes Tomoe to do this.

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Kuchiki notices someone stealing costumes, but nobody will listen to him Although a university student, Ohno is unusually tall and busty and at the same time shy about her physique.