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But later she gets over Luke and ends up with Percy.

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He has two eyes of different colors, one blue and one brown. Percy and his mother reveal to Paul the truth, and at first he only half believes them.

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Because of this, he runs away from Percy and his companions in the mazelike Labyrinth. Poseidon is at war with Oceanusthe Titan god of the ocean, and makes Percy go back to camp instead of helping him.

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They made it hard for the Titan army to hit Olympus by air. Though initially the counselor of Cabin 11 and an ally to Percy, he revealed his true nature as a high-ranking member of Kronos's army by attempting to kill Percy at the end of The Lightning Thiefand on several occasions afterwards.

Hyperion has a very fiery temper and dresses in full golden armor. She advises Percy that wise counsel is not always the most popular, and cautions him about his fatal flaw.

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He reappears several months later and informs Percy of a plan that could lead to sending Kronos back to Tartarus. Athena considers Percy to be very dangerous as he has the potential of fulfilling the Prophecy that a child of one of the Big Three will destroy Olympus.

Silena later impersonates her to bring the Ares cabin into the battle by taking her armor and spear.

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She is feared by all, and is defeated by Briares in the "Battle of the Labyrinth" by being crushed by boulders. Both are known to be crafty and mischievous. Then Clarisse and Percy have to find it. Thalia remarks that it is a blessing of Ares and that she has never seen it before in person.

He then throws a golden drachma into the rainbowsays the name of the person he would like to contact and where the person is, and then he can see and talk to the person.

A daughter of Zeus. He owns a land developing company and is very wealthy.

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The Titan of burning light. Olympus when he was born because Hera thought he was hideous and wanted a "perfect" family, though Hera denies it. His last name is never revealed.

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He gave his laptop to Annabeth. He first appears in The Sea of Monsters as a homeless boy.

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