Kristen Bell Says She Almost Wore Blue Jeans to Her Wedding (Exclusive) | Entertainment Tonight Kristen Bell Says She Almost Wore Blue Jeans to Her Wedding (Exclusive) | Entertainment Tonight

Kristen bell dating 2013. Kristen bell's dumb fight with dax shepard will make you laugh out loud | e! news

Bell had just finished her comedy When in Rome and decided to take a trip with Shepard to introduce him to her mother. In the moment, Bell "liquefied and fell to the ground," she recalls, "but I felt incredibly respected that he had the balls to tell me we weren't in the same place.

Romance Rewind Does she still hold it over his head?

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Fortunately, the funnyman was able to make himself feel better about it. But like any great celebrity couple, they've had their ups and downs.

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It all works out in the end. She knows that she's using it as an adjective, an adverb. Lincoln, 4, and Delta, 3.

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The famous dad recently admitted to Ellen DeGeneres that Lincoln sort of has a potty mouth Romance Rewind However, things only escalated from there. After the two pulled up to the house, Bell's mother came out with her cameras and had the couple do a "medium-length photo shoot.

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This caused even more tension between the couple. During Tuesday's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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We were proud and she stopped saying it. Despite the fact that she was ready to fully commit to Shepard, "he was hesitant because he knew he was still dating other people. We weren't listening to each other back then, but now we listen. Soon, the couple was fighting about…helmet laws?

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Four days later, Shepard called her up to admit that he was being foolish. Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have proven time and again that they're meant to be. After she protested, the two got into "an even bigger fight" but eventually came to a compromise.

And I refused to hold onto him, so I hold onto the back of the motorcycle like a boss," she said, demonstrating the pose.

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YouTube Things didn't get any better once the two reached their destination. Once they reached the service station, Bell decided to switch the tunes. After he broke his nose on his daughter's book shelf, he let a couple "f--ks" fly around.

The two ended up riding a motorcycle from New York to Detroit, and Bell let Shepard pick the music for the first two states. That's the moral of the story," she said. As for where their relationship stands now, they couldn't be happier.

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Imagine his surprise when Lincoln pulled out the handy new word at a family function. Watch the video to see Bell tell the whole story. Photos Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard: And it was also like we're both control freaks [in the] beginning of our relationship.

But if he was on side streets, he didn't have to wear the helmet," she said.

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