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On May 17,The CW announced that the show would return for a fifth season as a mid-season replacement.

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Later on, he came back to town to host the Bristol Stakes and had a brief flirtation with Dani. At one point, she was involved with her agent, Kerry Connelly, until he slept with Gillian, his ex-girlfriend. She shares a special bond with Wildfire, a horse she saved from going to slaughter and helped turn into a champion racehorse.

Kenneth "Ken" Walter Davis Sr. The Ritters are facing challenges of their own even as they reach out to help Kris.

Her talent with horses is recognized by a volunteer and local trainer Pablo, who arranges a job for her at the Ritter's family-run ranch, Raintree. He also starts a flirtation with his sister, Dani, and later ends up falling in love with her.

As well as every episode from the season, the DVD release features bonus material such as audio commentaries on some episodes from the creator and cast, deleted scenes, gag reels and behind-the-scenes featurettes.

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She also had a fling with Matt at the end of season one and indicated that she had a fling with Pablo in the past. One Tree Hill Fast Forward allows fans of the show to catch a glimpse of the lives of the six main characters at the beginning of the fifth season.

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Shortly after, he disappears from the show and later in the series is mentioned dead, Bachelor dating app due to the passing away of Weaver, leaving a will handing over half of Raintree to Jean and the other half to Matt after he 'figures' out an Andalusian horse which he also left in his will for Matt.

RJ Blake Eric Winter: He originally came to Raintree to see if Wildfire qualified to race in the Gold Cup, then returned wanting to purchase Wildfire.

He purchases the best horses to race. He confronts Matt about his gambling and forces him to tell his mother, both of whom are furious with Matt. Fast Forward[ edit ] On November 6,The CW posted the first One Tree Hill online diary, a series of six segments to be released before the start of the new season.

Kris spent most of the show in an on-and-off relationship with Junior Davis, until she pursued a brief but passionate fling with Matt Ritter in Season 3. She then proceeded to marry Junior in the series finale.

He ran Davis Farms until being indicted on six counts of fraudwhich forced him to leave Davis Farms and his assets to his children and, in a series of events, caused him to lose his role as majority shareholder to Dani. He then proceeded to organize an illegal match race between Raintree and Davis Farms with a purse of two million dollars, with some of his investors.

If not, we'll see you for season six. A very sweet, flirty girl, no one but Pablo suspected that she was bad news until she accepted an offer from Ken to ride Avatar, one of his best horses against Wildfire.