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Jungkook email Saesang are near experts at everything when it comee to oppa. Honestly another one I wouldn't be that surprised if it was true.

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Taeyeon once spit in Jessica's face in front of everyone behind the scenes. South Korea has the second highest suicide rate among documented countries.

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BTS member dated GFriend member. Even the original publisher denounced its authenticity. The radio show host asks: Many saesangs worship Taeyeon Saesangs do lots of weird stuff. Jungkook went to school with several GFriend members so maybe that's it.

My only question would be why he would be so vocal during. The pair began dating in and went public the year after much speculation. Yeri is young, talented, and beautiful. Sounds like a fanfiction. I honestly don't really buy it. Around August last year, the pair uploaded cryptic clues on Instagram alluding to their singleness.

From Seoul to London, the pair were snapped everywhere! I don't buy it. Friends of friends meet. Yeri and Chanyeol are K-idol dating rumors partners Chanyeol is tall, popular, and handsome.

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Taehyung spoke with girl group members through kakaotalk. But a very possible one. Taehyung loses virginity at Kai is rude to fans This is up to interpretation. Winner Mino actually sang about a groupie That's the thing with these kinds of songs. It's also possible the song was actually written about CL.

Likely possible though if it did I doubt it worked out or lasted very long. Urges happen and what better way to get down than with a likely equally sexually frustrated individual who is extremely attractive and works in the same company.

If anybody had noticed, Taeyeon when they were in marine suit uniforms, during two or more performances had a rainbow coloured medal strap instead of the usual two coloured one.

Wine, fashion, sexual allure. I think he's also extremely introverted and doesn't like people forcing themselves into situations with him.

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Sex tape of Chanyeol and Baekhyun Pure fanfic drivel. Now whether that info is true or not I'll at least give an K-idol dating rumors as it pertains to this list. Tifffany or Sica had said she was fine with homosexuality in a question quiz pre-debut.

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Idols are trained to be hush hush all the time so I'd figure they would be more quiet when taking care of themselves. He also appears socially awkward so he may be rude by mistake when interacting with fans despite only being tired or possibly excited.

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The comment section seemed be a split between unsure youths and ardent fans who may refuse to believe anything dark about Idols. If they did pull this off then I doubt much interesting stuff was found or this list would be much longer.

EXO aren't very close.

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