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Marco's refusal to trust Nolan in this matter led to Nolan ending their relationship and firing him. After she questions whether her father remains alive, she receives his severed finger. After Amanda finds Tyler's body at the beach, Takeda drives her away and trains her to be an asset for Emily.

It is later revealed that Daniel was never in danger as Conrad became part of the Initiative after Helen bailed him from jail when he was framed by Emily for Gordon Murphy's murder.

The Winter Soldier is due in theaters May 6, Emily used the last two to undermine Conrad's trust in him and prompting Conrad to fire him. Lyman and Victoria lost, and Victoria fired Lyman.

Stiles encouraged Emily, then Amanda, to make friends with the real Emily Thorne so she would have an ally rather than an enemy and also gave her the phone number of Satoshi Takeda their connection is unknown.

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It seemed the pair had the beach to themselves as they happily splashed around in the water on Saturday All in good fun: James Morrison as Gordon Murphy, the "white-haired man" Seasons Tyler seems to be infatuated with Daniel and tries to sleep with him, and he also attempts to sabotage his relationship with Emily.

Pascal is revealed to have murdered Aiden's father and later kills a reporter that threatens to expose him. Tyler's murder and subsequent investigation is a major story arc during season 1.

Michelle Banks seasons 1,3psychiatrist who mentally tormented Emily as a child.

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The doting couple couldn't quite keep their hands off each other as they were spotted cuddling, play fighting in the water, and pausing to share a romantic kiss Emily wore a tiny, red and white polka dotted string bikini as she played on the beach with her hunky boyfriend.

She had a crush on Charlotte and unsuccessfully tried to break Charlotte and Declan up. Louise caught Lyman and they struggled over the memory stick, causing Lyman to lose his balance and fall to his death. Horrified by her actions, Kara asks David to tell her that she died.

Playing Detective Kate Beckett, she starred for eight seasons as the partner and love interest for Richard Castle played by Nathan Fillion.

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He made a deal with Conrad that was thwarted by Amanda. Conrad brings Stevie back to the Hamptons hoping to use her to kick Victoria out of Grayson Manor, but Stevie throws him out as well.

No one knew about their relationship until Baccarin made a public statement about her ongoing divorce from Austin Chick. She briefly becomes an ally of Emily's before she leaves the Hamptons.

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Following this, Nolan faked her death. Emily later uses his body to frame Mason Treadwell for his murder.

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Revealed that he had a romantic relationship with Nolan for many years tillwhen he accused Nolan of embezzling funds that had been set aside for Amanda the money did in fact reach the real Amanda, which of course Marco was unaware of.

With no other option, Murphy goes to Emily in order to obtain evidence against Victoria, and tries to kill her once she hands it over, only to be killed by Aiden Mathis. He attempts to network with the business elite in the Hamptons and briefly dates Ashley Davenport, but for several episodes maintains a sexual affair with Nolan.

He often tries to keep Margaux on her path of Revenge because he doesn't want to see someone who is weak running the LeMarchal empire.

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Emily later admits the lie and apologizes to Amanda. Henri Esteve as Javier Salgado Season 3: