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Silver Doctor The Silver Doctor is a very attractive salmon fly, in common use from the mid nineteenth century on the Tweed and other border rivers. Other resources The Local History Centre, previously based in Newton Port, continues at the John Gray Centre with a lovely large reading and study area, free wifi and computers as well as our team always on hand to help.

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I have a copy of an old map from NLS showing this name. The extensive photograph and map collections can be accessed through new catalogues and will soon be searchable online, simply by using the search bar above, though we are only able to scan and digitise the images themselves slowly.

Archives and Local History will be an excellent starting point for all your needs relating to the history and culture of East Lothian and provides many exciting opportunities for research. Munro, who for many years operated a fishing tackle shop in Aberlour.

Traditional Scottish Salmon Flies I list below just a small selection of some of the most renowned traditional Scottish salmon flies, spanning more than a century of Scottish salmon fly fishing.

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I have ancestors who come from there and wondered if there was industry of a sort there at one time. Above you can see an example of one of the items from our extensive image collection. Indeed it was on a voyage to Norway that the first Jock Scott was tied.

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Logie One of our most successful low water patterns, sparsely dressed in the style of A. As a hairwing pattern it is extremely effective and, a century and a half after its creation, it retains its well-deserved place in many a fly box.

Hairy Mary The Hairy Mary is one of the earliest hairwing patterns, dating back to aroundwhen it was in use on northern Free military dating chat rooms such as the Ness and Conon.

While yellow bucktail or similar hair is now substituted for the dog's hair, the Garry remains an excellent salmon fly pattern for coloured water, particularly in the autumn.

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We can also do some research for you, and post or email our findings, though there is a small fee for this to cover our costs. Browse our list of research guides in the sidebar to the left of this page to help you get started.

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Any information would be gratefully received. Stoat's Tail In the words of Hugh Falkus, "Of all hair-wing salmon flies for late spring and summer fishing with floating line, the simple Stoat's Tail is one of the best we have.

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Munro's Killer Originating on the Spey, Munro's Killer is a widely known and enormously successful salmon fly.

Another of Frederick Hill's favourites for the early season, again fished on a size 4 hook.

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Musker at Carlogie, another good low water beat on the Dee. If you want to find out about your community, your house, your family or a particular organisation in East Lothian, the Archives and Local History service is the place to come. We can assist with genealogy and local history enquiries from our collection of Old Parish Registers, Censuses, Monumental Inscriptions, Valuation Rolls, Sasines and newspapers.

Attributed to James Wright, of Sprouston, though some believe it may have originated in Ireland, together with other brightly coloured patterns of the time.

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Sir Edward Grey, in "Fly Fishing", said of the Jock Scott, "the best all round fly, excellent for all seasons, weathers and waters in Great Britain, John gray online dating to be used of all sizes. Jeannie The Jeannie is another low water salmon fly, whose popularity, like that of the Logie, Blue Charm and Silver Blue, has spread far beyond the Dee, where it originated.

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Please get in touch if you have any questions or have any items which you think may be of interest to us. Tied on a size 1 hook, it was his favourite for high and coloured water. Its design is attributed to Johnny Reidpath, an Inverness tackle merchant.

I believe the Jock Scott to be the best blend of colour that has ever been invented for a salmon fly.

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Wood, tenant of Cairnton on the Aberdeenshire Dee from toduring which time he killed 3, salmon, most of them on the greased line. Whatever their origin, the popularity of such gaudy flies grew and they soon ousted the rather drab Scottish creations previously in vogue.

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All can be relied on in a wide variety of conditions and most salmon fly boxes would contain one or two variants, according to preference John gray online dating experience. In "Salmon Fishing",he wrote, "From the beginning of April onwards, the Logie is one of our most deadly flies.