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Jim ike dating nadia buari, disclaimer

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I never go to do press on my own, the point is it finds me not because I welcome it, but because I exist in an industry where I want to benefit from without allowing the effect of the industry to rub off on me.

I am the kind of man that drops hints; I do not have to tell the whole story because it makes you lose your mystic, it makes you lose the strength of your advantage over people.

You cannot spend 6 years with a Caribbean girl if she is not incredible.

I owe hardened fans an explanation and not an apology. She is who she is, she said what she did.

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Its not continental anymore, it has a global appeal. She may regret it or not, I do not know because I never asked her, all I know is that someone spent 6 years with me and come rain come shine, anytime she calls me I will readily rise to the occasion. They are the ones I owe my explanations to.

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She released a story to the press about how I wrecked her life, I believe it was the emotions of the moment because that is not who she is and that would never define her, a lady whom I spent 6 years of my life with. People that are waiting for me to wake up and say stuff have Dating site checklist to wait.

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I did not say one word and I still will not say one word in respect of who she is. In our moments of grief and disappointments, we say things that we do not mean.

Would I Jim ike dating nadia buari it against her? I represent the continent to the world.

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I mean what I have done that seriously is out of context that no one else has ever tried; we are human beings with all our feelings, our mistakes, short comings and weaknesses.

If she is right I will leave it for people that know us to judge.

Maybe I did, but I moved on 5 minutes after, and I do not hold it against her. She is an incredible person, incredibly beautiful, incredibly gifted, and incredibly generous with her soul, her spirit.

My life will never be complete without her and she will always have a special place in my heart.

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But she is always going to be a part of my life; my history will never be complete without her. Everything is so easy now, and everybody is incredibly lazy, and that is sad.

It completely spells the measure of man that I am.