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Pam reaches the airport in time and is the last person to see Michael before he leaves. Originally, "Distant Drums" had been recorded merely as a "demo" for its composer, Cindy Walkerbelieving it was for her personal use and had been deemed "unsuitable" for general release by Chet Atkins and RCA Victor.

She begins her maternity leave after " Gettysburg ". Kevin is like this with just about any female, sometimes even admitting when something turns him on. Pam can be seen, multiple times, exhibiting feelings of remorse about her decisions concerning Jim.

Andy's doing a Parkour high jump right on top of an empty carboard box.

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The complete concert, however, was not recorded, including some of Reeves' last songs. Later on in the episode it is revealed that he is a potential client, and Pam makes her first sale.

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In " Finale ", Pam and Toby dance with each other at Dwight's wedding, with Toby beginning to cry as Pam comforts him. He was permitted to perform in Ireland by the Irish Federation of Musicians on the condition that he share the bill with Irish show bandsbecoming popular by During Jim's interview, he reads a note from Pam that contains a sentimental item from before they kissed a gold yogurt lid that was used as a gold medal in Office Olympics.

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She will do extra, unnecessary work such as making a casket for a dead bird or paper doves for the Office Olympics to make other people happy.

Roy vows to kill Jim and in " The Negotiation ", Roy unsuccessfully tries to attack Jim at work Jim is saved by Dwight's interventionand is subsequently fired. Subverted in that, until Dwight pulled this stunt, Angela was carrying on an affair with him and had finally decided to leave Andy.

For a period, both couples are preoccupied with each other. At the company picnic we learn that Pam was a semi-pro volleyball player in school, which gets them into the volleyball tournament finals against Corporate.

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Thousands of people traveled to pay their last respects at his funeral two days later. Jim didn't want to treat Pam the same way Roy treated her.

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Get personalised ads from our trusted partners This doesn't mean more ads, it means personalised ones. Jim reveals he swiftly broke up with Karen, the same day he asked Pam to dinner.

Duringthe label released a set entitled Nashville Stars on Tour, including audio and video material of the RCA European tour during April in which Reeves features prominently.

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One of the lies was to say Pam was pregnant, which Pam and Jim had found out recently was true. Though the Andy-Erin romance remains an important story for years afterwards Reed is never so much as mentioned again.

The film was released with a special prologue and epilogue in South African cinemas after Reeves' death, praising him as a true friend of the country.

She uses this familiarity to manipulate them, often for their and the company's best interests such as her giving the staff Black christian dating london instructions on how to handle a heartbroken Michael in " The Chump " but also occasionally for her own.

In " Company Picnic ", Pam, after dominating the company volleyball tournament, injures her ankle during a game and is taken to the hospital against her wishes.

This unusual format was more suited to the spoken word and was quickly discontinued for music. Pam participates in an art show, but few people attend. She can be heard consulting the idea of a relationship with Jim, with her Mom.

She and Jim find ways to stay in touch and see each other as often as possible, but they clearly miss one another during their separation. In later seasons, however, she becomes more honest and forward with Michael and will often make sarcastic comments toward him. Pam decides that she would rather be with Roy than be alone and attempts to restart their relationship.

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Dwight tends to alternate between playing this straight and double subverting it. Pam takes it personally, and is visibly saddened. The child coincided with Jenna Fischer 's actual pregnancy.

Every time a Romantic False Lead is introduced for Jim or Pam following season 4 on, nothing ever comes of it.