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I would be a tennis player.

Acting Career

Get the movie I wrote onto screen write more Create more jobs across all the businesses we are in Ensure more of the people who work with or for me are able to start their own businesses as a result of knowledge one shares Become an ambassador of a life conscientiously lived Personal life scale card from ?

How do you keep fit? I believe in a world that grows from a sense of love and service. Modestly so… I believe in God but I reckon my interpretation is less fanatical than most and if I unpack I may begin the next world war before Trump.

Jalango dating avril in todays society is a cause of concern? Books… the sense of escape and wonder is more enriching and you become an active participant as you can colour the landscapes with your own hues and you can all read the same book and have a myriad of interpretations and journeys.

Books absolutely… How religious are you? I doubt Jalango dating avril would want one… I would travel the world and spend time at Ashrams around the world being of service to others and seeking light while imparting the same. Never backwards… If you were not in this particular career, which career would you be in?

Definitely being raised by a strong woman. Onwards and upwards hey! Being available for and to others, being of service and being a nurturing force towards young and old is the only hope we have in attaining true nation building.

Equality is ingrained in her DNA and she has never asked for permission to exist as a woman, she has in fact taught many about respecting their own station in society without seeking approval.

Whether it is a journalist who gets paid to besmirch your name in the name of pursuit of the truth or abuse of funds intended for those who need them the most.

Interestingly in my acting days, I believe I portrayed the role well so all I have to do now is acquire the correct skills and maybe that will allow me to contribute to our country in the future from a legal perspective not politically.

Washing teddy bears at R5 each for my mom and my aunt. I continue to pursue my studies and now with Regent and I firmly believe that may change soon as despite my age, I have begun to believe I should have studied law and hope it is not too late at age What could you have done better in life?

Thankfully I have never been one to give up… What are you passionate about?

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I look at my mom to this day in absolute awe of the confidence with which she inhabits the world. From a formal employment perspective, my first job was as a host on Teleschool which was on what was then known as Bedste dating app danmark it felt like breaking barriers having a lead role on a network that was reserved for those who did not look like me but such was our evolving country at the time.

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In your next life what would your career be?