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He did a series called "Flash Player Mania," where he would play browser flash games, sadly, he has since deleted all of these videos from his channel in an attempt to become a purely Minecraft channel.


Jerome was, at one point, attending college at Rutgers in his home state, initially as a biology major, but dropped out to further pursue his YouTube career. Mitch's yearbook photo and quote Found by: Although it failed, he found that he can maintain his fan base without relying solely on Minecraft Hunger Games, the original source of his Internet fame.

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Mitch and Jerome are in a well-known ship called "Merome". He plays with Robert Mr. Survival Games" and his ability to do parkour and give commentary at the same time. That skin was later changed to his current skin when he tweeted a picture of him in a red hoodie and asked his fans to make him a skin that looked like it and he would choose the best one.

On Mitch and Jerome's 10 hour livestream, Merome trended 4th place on Twitter and remained on the top trends list for 3 days.

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Jerome loves his fans so much, he tells them everyday how he loves every single one of his subs on youtube. Quotes "Dun dun da-da dun dun da-da dun dun da-da-da-da.

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Being in this group has encouraged Mitch to expand his horizons, including launching Is ashleymarieegaming dating jeromeasf second channel and testing a roleplaying series called Minecraft Toys.

Everyone in Team Crafted's views dropped significantly.

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Although many think Jerome can speak fluent Korean, he cannot. Although he has tried to set up a consistent livestream schedule, he has not been able to keep to a regular timetable and as such uploads at irregular intervals.

He cites debating for giving him the ability to talk at length on One year dating topic.

Mitch and Kyleigh He has one younger brother named Connor, and two sisters named Kyleigh, the youngest; and Marley, the oldest.

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Mitch got the name "BajanCanadian" because he was born in Canada and grew up on the small Caribbean island of Barbados Natives of Barbados are known as Barbadians or Bajans, hence the first part of his username. For a time, he lived with Lachlan in order to do crazy funny challenge videos in order to gain popularity on their respective channels.

Dawn, Sky's fiance, broke up with him, and soon after, a falling out occurred between Kermit and the group, leading Kermit to leave Team Crafted. He is 6 days younger than Mitch.