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Bell has nickel-silver Instrument hook up material ring and bell ring, is mm long. No cracks to the boxwood, no cracks or damage to the original ivory. Luckily the membrane panels were OK, along with the voice motherboard.

Albert, please email for more info The original case is in fine condition and the clarinet comes with the original Conn mouthpiece.

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Range is to low E-flat. Keywork shows absolutely no wear to the rings or anywhere else. Better than new, in our opinion. Arguably the finest BBb contra ever made. Original nickel-silver keys are tight and without wear, all pads and corks are new.

At the highest point of the rotary motion, the sample holder is advanced by the same thickness as the section that is to be made, allowing the next section to be made.

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The original nickel plated keywork is almost perfect, showing minimal wear. These survey sections are generally 0. All wood parts are inspected for checks and damage, polished and then soaked in oil for three days.

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Keywork shows minimal wear to the rings and hinge-tubes. It's been played very little in the past 78 years. Five piece model, even the bell section screws off.

The Chroma sounded very much like a Hammond, through the double leslies, spread far apart on the bandstand. Not at though It's the clarinet that made Buffet famous, with superb wood quality and a rich tone color. Top joint in has seven round nickel-silver keys, is mm.

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Based on an entirely new model bore that is based on the cylindrical bore from the vintage BC20 clarinets. The section thickness is controlled by an adjustment mechanism, allowing for precise control.

The original nickel plated keywork is almost perfect showing minimal wear. All pads and corks are new from our shop in Wichita.

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It's and extra clean and superb little-used example from Buffet's "Golden Era". This one's truly a best buy, and better than a new one, in our opinion. Rotary microtome[ edit ] A rotary microtome of older construction This instrument is a common microtome design. In our opinion, this particular clarinet is as fine an instrument as you'd find anywhere.

First the piccolos, then the reeds, then the brass, ending up with tubas and percussion Robert was the successor to Claude Rive, the small company having earned a reputation for clarinets and flutes of the highest quality.

All parts are original on this beauty, including the original case, mouthpiece, ligature, mouthpiece cap and lyre. We've replaced all pads and corks in our shop in Wichita.