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Kevin and Joaquin

It's implied that Joaquin never intended to fall for Kevin but did regardless. Joaquin did so, but warned them to play it cool. While Moose looked around the bar to see if he recognized anyone, Kevin and Joaquin played a game of pool, wherein Joaquin teased Kevin about keeping the money he'd won from him on the game.

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They were interrupted by Jughead and Kevin then noticed his father at the dance and went over to see what was going on. I'm gonna miss you, Preppy.

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The two eventually started making out behind the drive-in and the mysterious guy introduced himself as Joaquin. As he walked away, Joaquin left and walked the other direction, watching with a worried look on his face.

But we all got a part to play, including me. Just like I don't know you. Apparently, their relationship was only a means to an end, however, Joaquin began to feel guilty as Kevin had developed genuine feelings for him.

Later that night at the Sunnyside Trailer ParkFP tossed Joaquin a duffel bag containing Jason Blossom's varsity jacket, which was last seen in Jason's getaway car the night it had been set on fire. The two then promised each other that they'd keep what was between them a secret, as Joaquin was a gang member and wouldn't want Sheriff Keller to find that out.

Contents [ show ] History While they both live in RiverdaleJoaquin resided on the south side of town, commonly associated with the Serpents, which explains why he and Kevin had never crossed paths before that night at the Twilight Drive-In.

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However, Kevin decides to give Joaquin one last kiss, while Joaquin smiles and states he'll miss him as he boards the bus to San Junipero. FP chuckled, and told him that they all had a part to play. We got a problem? They began dating shortly after meeting, although, it was later revealed that Joaquin had only gotten involved with Kevin on the orders of FP Jonesas way for the Southside Serpents to keep tabs on Kevin's father, the Sheriff.

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Joaquin then decides to leave town, as Kevin states that he felt fooled by him as he had no idea who he was now. He told Joaquin to hide it in a safe place as it was their insurance in case everything went to hell.

Throughout Riverdale Season 1 At closing night of the Twilight Drive-Inwhich Kevin attended with Cheryl and Veronicamembers of the Southside Serpents gang began being loud and disruptive, bothering the three.

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