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While the men in the study tended to prefer the more direct approach, the women tended to prefer the open-ended, innocuous questions.

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If only I'd been born a middle class white guy, then perhaps I might be able to see the world for what it really is. And like this poses with an arm around an imaginary girl and the other on a steering wheel.

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They move from grandmamma to mama to girlfriend. I talked about a lack of services, lack of government responsive to the people.

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And a different girl every day. In other words, men tend to think women are into them when they aren't, and women tend to not notice when men are into them. It is unfortunate what people do when they are frustrated and angry.

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President, what about your violations? He will never know what it's like to live in a society where nearly every system and social construct is designed with a pre-built model for your destruction.

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Years later, after stumbling 3 my way to a PhD, I figured a few things out. No one can deny the value of personal responsibility. Today, as we stand here inif you go back and read the report it seems as though we are talking about what that report cited some twenty years ago still exists today.

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Any Baptist minister in any black neighborhood across America explains that one every Sunday. In fact, I rarely met a school book that I didn't hate.

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Marks has never known the experience of a kid in South Central Los Angeles, who dodges neighborhood bullies toting AKs on their hips. It kind of reached in and grabbed you right here in the heart and it pulled you and it hurts so bad.

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In fact, some of us can even be as great the middle class white guy who's had his life handed to him on a silver platter. Oh, it was more than a slap in the face. He will never know what it's like to get into a little trouble as a black teenager who then experiences God-knows-what in jail because his family can't afford a good attorney.

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I know how to tell them not to put their lives at risk. You don't explain to poor black kids that the guns, drugs, horrible educational systems, undeniably 7 biased 8 justice systems and depleted 9 family wealth levels are the reason they struggle: Men were significantly more likely to have a sexual motivation, while women tended to have a relational one.