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These type of events need to be planned ahead of time, of course, because if you wait until the last minute, you may have trouble fitting them into your busy life.

Married couples either dismiss or overreact to body language of their spouse without verifying their assumptions.

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Keep the excitement alive in your marriage by continuing to woo and date your spouse. And to make things nice, easy and planned for a year, check out our year of dates in a binder!

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Years of resentment, unspoken frustration and lack of forgiveness color the lens of each activity. Hold Hands I could preach the importance of maintaining intimacy in marriage for days, but I think that what goes unnoticed more often is the loss of regular physical contact i.

Ask them to teach you, and make a concerted effort to be patient while you learn.

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You find yourselves discussing grocery lists and to-do lists. Put date nights on your calendar that you can spend alone doing something together. If there has been much pain and hurt in your marriage, you may need extra strength and courage to forgive or ask for forgiveness.

These offers of prayer have happened less and less since our wedding. Social Interaction Ensuring time for weekly date nights helps eliminate feelings of isolation and loneliness. A happier everyday means a happier marriage. I want to continue to have those.

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But it's not just going to happen on its own. This romantic interchange fuels desire and interest in the other partner. This is especially important for the forty and up group who did not have the benefit of 21st century technology when they were courting.

Having date night also gives you a chance to remind your spouse how much you love them.

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Having exciting experiences also gives you an opportunity to bond and create memories worth telling your grandkids about someday! My husband loves rolling the dough into balls and baking them almost as much as he loves the cookies.

Connecting in that small way can lift our spirits.

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But here's the deal: Everyone can benefit from intentional quality time together and you can even incorporate group dates to involve your closest couple friends.

You may have also settled into a comfortable routine. You and your spouse need special times together.