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How to do speed dating in class, can't find what your looking here :)

I asked the class for feedback following the inclusion of two panel discussions. The design should be intentional and well-thought-out. As the instructor, I assigned one-two questions per pair.

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Active Learning in Higher Education, 11 You have to try to make yourself as interesting as possible. After that time is up you have to go on a date with the next person and get to know as much as you can about them.

You are a girl.

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When finished, they swapped their answers with a partner and marked it with the use of a mark scheme. They then had 2 minutes in which to state their question and give the answer which was then reciprocated by their partner.

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In reflecting upon their feedback, I had an epiphany: It is important to pay attention to time during the activity. At the end of the experience, have students work in their pairs to discuss what they learned. This game is to try to talk to as many people as you can in English for the majority of the class time.

Hodes EdD The panel discussion is a valuable, time-tested teaching technique used in classrooms of all types to help students understand the experiences of a particular group of people.

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I created seven questions based on what they had already learnt. It was fun seeing the confidence level increase in solving these problems after a few dating rotations.

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If you have an unbalance amount of either boys and girls some will have to change their sex. Small touches will make a difference.

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Speed dating has been popular in larger metropolitan areas in recent years. A stopwatch and a whistle are essential equipment.