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In addition to editing the advance table, you can also use PC Link to edit certain engine control parameters stored in the ignition module. On and later models using the new J data bus, the ignition module converts signal pulses from the VSS vehicle speed sensor to data that Christian dating sites in america transmitted to the instrument cluster.

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To put this into perspective, consider that the takeoff speed on the Boeing seen in the background is only MPH. If you have a high horsepower nitrous system in a vehicle with limited traction, you can use time or RPM based progressive control to reduce the power output in the mid-RPM range or off the starting line to eliminate problems with wheel spin.

Any historical diagnostic codes logged by the TC88A are listed along with the number of trips engine start cycles since the individual Hookup daytona was last logged.

We no longer support older Windows versions.

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Ideal as basic vehicle data logger during dyno tuning or drag racing. This is especially useful for late model fuel injected vehicles. The software download includes a sample file with actual data. Available data includes RPM, vehicle speed, manifold pressure, ignition advance, and battery voltage.

All other elapsed time and engine starts data is permanent.

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Logs data whenever system is armed. Each stage is independently programmable based on throttle position, RPM, vehicle speed, time delay, and first gear lockout. The unit offers easy plug-in installation and all the switches are accessible from the top - a significant advantage for most installations.

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Total hours represents the total time that the engine was running. The TC88A is constructed with a low profile machined billet aluminum housing. If you plan to use the optional tach hookup, you will require the USB interface and software to enable the tach output.

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Please Hookup daytona the TC88A installation instructions for details on tach hookup. With race versions, you can offset the rear cylinder timing for maximum power during dyno tuning.

Flexible RPM input compatible with high voltage coil drive vehicles with coil packs or distributor ignitionstandard 12 volt tach signal, or low level logic drive newer vehicles with coil-on plug.

Data logged includes throttle position, RPM, vehicle speed, status of all inputs and outputs, and two volt analog inputs.

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Four rotary switches are used to set the advance characteristics and RPM limit. For more detailed information, we suggest that you download the TC88A Log software and instructions.

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The software will operate in demo mode without an ignition attached. Output for purge solenoid requires external relay and programmable automatic purge when system is armed. Color coding of the bars helps to interpret the data.

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The chart is automatically scaled for best display. The combination of these two switches allows the user to optimize the timing advance for a wide range of applications - from stock to highly modified engines.

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Downloaded operating statistics are displayed as shown below. ID represents the firmware identification. The TC88A solves this problem with a switch for setting the initial timing.

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This allows you to retrofit a wide range of tachometers to newer models. The utility also displays the maximum engine RPM, time at the RPM limit in seconds for better resolution and the number of engine starts.

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All this data can be printed to provide a permanent record. The USB interface is sold separately, but Windows compatible software is available for download.

This field typically includes the manufacturer Twin Tecmodel number, program revision and author's initials, and date.