Epson EX SVGA 3LCD Projector V11H by Office Depot & OfficeMax Epson EX SVGA 3LCD Projector V11H by Office Depot & OfficeMax

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There's no more crowding around your Tablet PC's screen and no more cables stringing across your room to share your PC content with co-workers.

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TabletKiosk does not outsource any of its support to third party help desk services. With a simple finger swipe, you will be able to quickly and more safely log onto protected systems and online accounts. Additionally, the specifications of the TabletKiosk Modular Expansion port are available, at no cost, to partners who want to create their own custom modules.

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The units then undergo a final QC test before being packaged up and shipped through our authorized distribution channel. It's like having two dual core CPUs in one computer.

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Perhaps it's time to upgrade that hard drive to a much speedier Solid State Drive? The DisplayPort video out on the Sahara Slate PC i delivers a true digital display experience at resolutions up to x This makes DisplayPort the perfect choice for conference room projectors, digital displays and remote PC applications.

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In addition, they offer a more natural and intuitive user interface experience, especially while standing up or walking around. Two dedicated physical cores, that appear to the OS as two virtual cores, help operating systems and applications deliver super-charged performance.

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The new Sahara Slate PC i and i Tablet PCs have an RS serial port to enable control and communication with Bredereck imidazole synthesis of legacy devices still in use today in many industries.

Should customers encounter any technical issues with their Sahara Slate PC, they can call TabletKiosk's technical support team located in the corporate offices in Torrance, California to obtain assistance from a knowledgeable and courteous company employee.

Sahara Slate PC i Tablet PC by TabletKiosk by TabletKiosk

Optimized for Intel Processors: Connect a WiDi adapter to your TV or projector, complete the simple set-up process once, and you're off and running.

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The active digitizer for pen input on the Sahara Slate PC is manufactured by the world's leader in pen computing technology, Wacom. Especially important, TPM chips are specifically designed to protect platform and user authentication information from software-based attacks. So why should you pay for something you'll never need or use?

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The Sahara Slate PC i features user accessible and upgradeable memory and storage, so doubling that 4. There's no need to go through the cumbersome process of adding a device to your network, it just works.

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As enterprise class devices, Sahara Slate PCs are exceptionally stable and are designed to run reliably for many years. Up to 2x greater range: Interact with Pen or Touch or Both Tablet PCs with touch screens and digitizers offer a more ergonomic "on-the-go" computing experience than a standard laptop.

With multiple display format support from a single connector, and optimized refresh rates, resolution and color depths, DisplayPort delivers the performance needed to get the most out today's technologies like Blu-Ray or advanced 3-D imaging.

Lastly, DisplayPort delivers every pixel directly to the display without compression providing the highest fidelity and most accurate image production possible.

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An activation code is included in the box. Hyper-threading delivers two processing threads per physical core for a total of four threads for major computational throughput.

Virtually Unlimited Battery Power Unlike consumer tablets that only offer internal, non-removable batteries, the Sahara Slate PC i uses two user-replaceable and rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries that are hot swappable.