What a BuzzFeed Quiz Taught Me About Privilege - What a BuzzFeed Quiz Taught Me About Privilege -

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I intentionally sought out people who were different, because I felt so misunderstood and alone.

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I joined this cult willingly. Black men make 77 cents on the dollar too. So, I copied the link and shared it with 10 friends male and female via Gchat, shamefully perpetuating the BuzzFeed click cycle. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you.

This was before adoption was accepted in our culture. I brought this loss of privilege on myself, sometimes trying to convince myself that it was all to bring glory to God, which is all I wanted to do.

Or that being comfortable making out in public with a male partner is a privilege. The list goes on.

After all, they only scored a 46! An adult adopteeI grew up feeling marginalized. I'm sorry to admit that I contributed one of those many self-indulgent clicks when the aforementioned "hookup quiz" appeared on my newsfeed.

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My ex-husband is spectacularly wealthy, so my kids travel back and forth from an apartment to one of four homesteads. I have a job that keeps a roof over our heads, and food on the table, and pays my health insurance. It is my suspicion that these quizzes either have absolutely no legitimate basis whatsoever OR BuzzFeed has a top secret psychological researcher on staff who has pinpointed ways to reveal the innermost workings of the human psyche via images of dogs napping.

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And yet, despite its relative newness, the deleterious implications of the hookup culture are already all too real, with more and more wondering if it's contributing to the escalating rape epidemic on academic campuses across the country.

Perhaps it was the "exotic" component of my answer, or perhaps it was my having chosen "a bar" as being the ideal spot for a date. Privilege is better thought of as a matrix of intersections of different aspects of our identities. Simply because he was black. It was hard to keep a waitress job with that schedule, much less audition for shows or even do the job the show might require.

All of that, garnered from questions about pizza and sunset preferences? Everyone quotes the stat about women making 77 cents on the dollar for men.

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I have one job, not two or three, and enough spare time to write. Sure, romantic trysts are hardly a modern phenomenon, but the normalcy of "hooking up" is indeed very recent.

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And that, I think, is the point of the quiz: Or that not being anxious Athletic dating app an airport security line makes me privileged.

I have always lived in high-end cities, and attended swanky schools, and have been surrounded by affluent friends. Once my 10 friends agreed on the terminology, classifying a hookup as anything from making out to sleeping together, only one of the 10 polled could name the number of people they'd hooked up with.

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First of all, it depends -- how is BuzzFeed defining 'hookup'? And — take Buzzfeed quizzes. It was something freakish and shameful, something no one felt comfortable talking about.

In fact, to say, "We are hooking up," is basically to say that you and someone else are consistently physical with one another, with zero strings attached Most of my scores are not all that surprising: After reflecting on the thoughts of the people quoted in this piece, I realized, with some chagrin, that I have some pretty big privilege blind-spots.

I just returned from Malaysia where I spent five days negotiating the release of my boyfriend. College, especially, is a blur. FlowersCaucasian straight female: Do I have to worry about my safety?

I chose "exotic cheese" who knows what that means, but cheese is cheese, and cheese is always delicious. Great question, my friend. Her second husband is a saint.

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