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The local trout done three-ways is superb, as is the flavour-packed ravioli of wild mushrooms picked that morning on the farm. For dessert, choose between the home-baked cheesecake topped with berry coulis and a classic malva pudding. Yep, better and bigger. Lessons every Sun throughThu.

I always feel much better afterwards.

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I expected them to sound slightly different from the silver but they are indeed filling my room with a very scarily clear and huge sound, but without that fat mid bass of the silver so the overall vibe is Hook up meze bar as all get out with a huge room filling sound and some amazing imaging going on as well.

I also use an Analog turntable into my Phantoms, and its the best my Vinyl has sounded. Seven singers, traditional violin. Slider adjustments for size are smooth and secure when the slider clamp screws are tightened properly. You can also add a source like a CD player, Streamer, or be an oddball like me and add a Vinyl rig.

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The Hickory Shack Elgin An old barn is where the team at this old-fashioned Texas barbeque restaurant dry rubs meat, smokes and slowly prepares meals in a traditional smoking pit.

It burned down during the winter of but is probably up and running again. Here are some of the more popular clubs in Gazi: Recommended by Matt Barrett because he happened to go on a night when Vavoura was playing.

Hook, Line and Sinker Pringle Bay This cosy, intimate and rustic eatery has just celebrated its 20th year.

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But I could easily begin my nights there too because they have great food. For more information see www.

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They sound like a big full range audiophile speaker when set up as a pair, correctly and on solid stands. Especially if you don't smoke. They are very FAT sounding speakers those silver Phantom s.

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Three member laiko and Rembetoko group. Kelsou and Bouliagmenis Perhaps the best sixties music in Greece. They host monthly jazz evenings. While I say the Silvers and Whites may do better with Dance, Electronic and Rock due to the more prevalent mid bass, these also sound phenomenal with those genres.

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It makes listening to ANY music as easy as a button press on your phone or tablet, all wireless using WiFi which each Phantom has built in to its shell.