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As time moved on, KBD increasingly began to purchase its bourbon from other distilleries and operate as an independent bottling company and to restock its barrel aging facilities with purchased barrels. Lambert Willett died in John David Willett would, however, live on for another 38 years after this transaction.

You have allowed me to live my "American Dream" by making a living at something I've loved since I was a young boy. Company history[ edit ] The company was founded as the Willett Distilling Company in I call it God's Country!

I get up early most every morning, sneak out of the house so as to not wake my wife and 15 year old son, hook up my Hook up kentucky ft bass boat to my 4 wheel drive truck and head off to meet friendly people who share my love for fishing!

He died in I've been a full time guide on Kentucky Lake since Kulsveen of Hamar, Norwaywho would later purchase the company. Lambert Willett born in picked up his father's profession.

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The Mattingly Moore Distillery would itself go forward to become an important part in the history of other significant bourbon brands, such as the Tom Moore bourbon brand and other brands of the Barton Brands distillery sometimes known as the Tom Moore distillery.

He was a member of the Nelson County Historical Society, where his interests included the early history of whiskey-making in Kentucky.

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The fact that this lake has such species diversity is one of it's many attributes. I fish for every game species in the lake: I will do my best to see that your fishing trip to Kentucky Lake is a pleasurable experience that will give you memories to last a lifetime!

The construction of the Willett Distilling Company began in the Spring of soon after the repeal of alcohol prohibition in the United Statesand the company produced its first batch of bushels about 30 barrels on March 17, Kulsveen and his wife continue to operate the facility to this day, and the next generation of the family, including their son E.

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During the s energy crisisthe company switched from producing whiskey to producing ethanol for gasohol fuel. This website is meant to heighten your interest in Kentucky Lake, let you know what to expect and make you aware of my services.

InWillett fell ill and sold his interest in the company. Thompson Willett's daughter Martha Harriet Willett and some other members of her generation of the family worked for the company as well, and in she married Even pronounced Evan G.

Moore of Bardstown, and a Mr. At one time, he was also the president of the Kentucky Distillers Association, and he also held a number of other positions of prominence in the community.

I also want to thank God, my family, my friends and the many resorts who have helped me! Distillery for twenty years — eventually becoming one-third owner and superintendent of the plant.

I would like to thank everyone who has Hook up kentucky a line from my boat for their support. Thompson and Lambert Willett used John David Willett's bourbon recipes as the basis of the whiskey that they would distill there and brand as Old Bardstown.

Lambert Willett later purchased a farm and, together with his sons and especially led by Thompson Willett, founded the Willett Distilling Company on the site.

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Starting at the age of 15 with a five-year stint at the Mattingly Moore Distillery, his son A. Expectations are always high.

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Please check it out! We then set out for an adventure on one of the premiere fishing lakes in the good ole U.