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Hook up autometer tach, 89 q&a's on “ignition control”

Chromoly is an alloy steel combining chromium and molybdenum and is stronger than mild carbon steel.

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With upgraded powerflow manifold headers powdercoated to match! You will also need pt This is pretty standard across all Vortec 4.

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A complex front frame rail extension with X-shaped subframe connector assembly provides a rigid platform to make the suspension work as intended at launch and during the run. Do the exact same procedure for the smaller needles that you did in step 4 for the larger needles.

Tech Notes

I cut the outer column close to the firewall to keep the angle as shallow as possible to eliminate interference with the left hand cylinder head. And, as the car will not be any heavier, the stock set-up should be plenty adequate.

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I am not planning on having a scoop in the bubble. A new cover will be welded in place, and tube steel reinforcements will be welded to the bottom for strength.

The entire rear section of the frame would require reconstruction. Even with only HP, though, drag racing would probably shorten their life considerably.


I then bolted a rubber-biscuit type motor mount bought from a Street Rod shop to these. The Pro Trans is features a reverse pattern manual valve body with clean neutral and a remote reverse that is engaged with the Biondo transbrake button.

The switch to the left is for the headlights, the middle hole is for the hazard switch, and the ignition switch is on the right. Mike Strope December 3, at I drilled a hole in the shock tower for the lower Heim joint, and drilled a hole in the inner fender for the upper joint.

When I get my foot into it, all eight barrels will be hosing gas into the engine.

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But when a hundredth of a second can make the difference between a win and second place, the return is well worth the effort. We have Hook up autometer tach between 5 volts and 15 volts with the same result. The intake manifold design is by KB Racing. Dual batteries with Perko switch, Glove box, Custom Magic 17 inch wheels!

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This custom made pulley was required to fit the engine into the engine bay, without interfering with the steering rack.

If you have the time, before you get to that point, you should start reading "Street Rodder" magazine; they usually have one or two cars using the Jag or the Corvette in each issue, and there are lots of advertisers, whose ads can be quite helpful.

Welcome to Tacoma World!

It is running the ballast resistor. This approach also has the advantage of having all the alarm wires wrapped in the wiring harness along with the other wires.

I cut a nice curve into the outer ends of the tubes so they wouldn't look too homemade. Todd Engelbrecht November 29, at 2: It is larger no doubt! The typical Hemi AH car has about 54 percent weight on the front end. The selection depended on the application: According to the brake experts, a street driven car should have square inches of brake swept area per ton: The TR6 tachometer is a mechanical unit, and a Tach drive distributor for a Ford engine is very expensive.

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The staging lanes at Indy are a whirlwind of last minute tire pressure adjustment and high pressure anticipation. A new speedometer drive gear will be used at the transmission to correct the speedometer readings.

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Shane January 16, at 6: In an engine swap, programming can be changed to let this control a second cooling fan. I am using a T5 transmission from an '88 Mustang for mock-up purposes, but I have later model with a higher torque capacity for actual installation.

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I plan on using up-rated shocks, springs, and sway bars front and rear, but don't plan on any other serious modifications. Big stereo system with 4 amps, 4 subs, and 6 JL Audio mids, Livorsi gauges and throttles, built in ice chests and ice chest holder, upgraded wheels and tires.