Deinterlacing, Scaling, Processing: Classic videogame systems on LCD and Plasma screens Deinterlacing, Scaling, Processing: Classic videogame systems on LCD and Plasma screens

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The Purpose of the page: If you like to play classic videogame systems from time to time and have switched to a Flat Panel TV lately you will have noticed that most games look plain ugly.

If you want to play vintage games on their real hardware e. Videoprocessors enhanced linedoubling devices has been a central part of my setup since back then. Interframe creation simply takes time.

General things to look out for: Analogue transcoders are getting harder and harder to find these days. I've started using linedoublers back then to enjoy the more vibrant picture a progressive tube can provide.

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I've test lots of different video devices and by setting up this little page, I want to provide an overview on what's available on the market today. There are thousands of possible software titles which can be used to benchmark the devices in question, I usually use these: Current "gamer LCD monitors" have an input delay caused by the overdrive of about 2 frames 30msolder LCDs have a more blurry picture, but no input lag update: Video and S-Video are pretty standard and the hardest of hardcore gamers will want a RF input to connect their pre-vintage systems Pong?

If your deinterlacing device adds a delay of it's own now e. The TV can take over this job, but it won't look nice.

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Compared to most other video processors e. If this happens you'll notice a different apperance of the picture while the game is in motion compared to non-scrolling portions of the game. Most people I've talked to assumed that the shitty quality is introduced by the scaling neccessary bringing the videogame's resolution to the TV's resolutionbut that's actually only rarely the case.

Game specific things to look out for: Since LCD and Plasma displays are progressive by nature, the incoming signal has to be deinterlaced linedoubled to 31kHz before it can be displayed.

In addition I've got a PS2 which provides a nice lineup of titles for everyday's use. A great scaling engine, completely free of ringing.

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Here are two screenshots how p signals are processed on a good, modern LCD without any additional, external processor - take it as a benchmark for the tests below. It offers transcoding for Component and VGA sources while adding integrated scanline support on top.

You can use a transcoder to connect component sources though and they'll look excellent as well.