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Pan from sweet acoustic finger style to hard driving power chords with one simple turn of a knob. This is a special one with a light, resonant body and awesome vibe! We currently have one of the largest selections of vintage Fender electric guitars in the country. L bass Gibson Gibson guitars, especially vintage Gibson guitars, are always associated with quality.

Mine has the brilliant new "Stetsbar" trem system on it.

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Since I wrote the first thing about him I have learned that he sadly died in This is a fabulous instrument. Let me introduce myself.

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A vintage style blackguard Tele with a heavily worn in finish, giving the guitar tons of mojo and vibe. In reality, this relates to the mass production of entry level models, competing with imports on price. All I am going to say about is that this is a fantastic guitar that suits the way I play so much I feel as if I designed it myself.


Electrically, two Seymour Duncan '59 humbucking pickups provide the power and cover a wide range of styles - from blues, to jazz, to heavy metal crunch. This guitar is beautiful and a real player!

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Yes I must confess after watching the videos of it on You Tube I thought "gotta get myself one of these" so a phone call to my friend at Ovation in the States and a week later here it is! Here is a very,very, rare guitar. Acoustically, I've got a VIP virtual microphone imaging preamp.

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Or, combine the two for complex mixtures of everything in between. Unlike Fender above, Gibson's focus was on the art of instrument manufacture; they had been building mandolins, banjos and acoustic guitars long before the advent of electric guitars.

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The legendary Paul Unkert, guitar designer extrordinaire has started his own company and I have managed to obtain one. For years the Blackface circuit has been my go-to.

Antique Gibson guitars and mandolins are very cool instruments, but not as revered as a late s Les Paul.

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