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Grouper dating cities. Now in 20 cities, grouper brings on-demand group dates to the iphone – techcrunch

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We talked and laughed, wondering what the girls would be like and how the night would end up. At this point I feel Body language for dating excited than anything.

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Soon enough, our Grouper friends approach the table. Would you rather talk about "Jersey Shore" or philosophy or something more middlebrow? Bring your friends with you!

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It was really nice having a date set up so easily like that. Too risky, they say.

The email sets the location for your Grouper dating cities and offers various times for you and your friends to choose from. To our surprise — and delight — there are four girls, not three. By the time our first drinks are consumed and we get past the first 10 minutes, everyone seems a little more comfortable.

Initially launched in New York and San Francisco, the online social club has found more traction in the last year, enough so that the co-founders felt that the time was Grouper dating cities to expand into more big, metro areas.

But unfortunately, girl No. There's a waiting list because matches are determined by staff members in addition to a computer algorithm, according to the company.

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Eventually, they reveal their occupations, as do we. We learn interesting information about each other this way.

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Unlike some, you have to apply to become a member of Grouper, which gives them a chance to vet applications themselves and keep out the creepers. After a few more rounds of drinks and three baskets of chips, the restaurant is closing up shop.

Grouper told us to be at a Mexican restaurant in Seattle by 8 p. At the end of the date, like Lyft or Uber, the app asks members to rate their experience. Starting this week and rolling out over the next few months, members will be able to organize Groupers on-demand, in under an hour.

It doesn't post back to Facebook. And lots of fun. We end up using another new Internet service — Uber — to drive us back to my house, making it a true 21st century modern date.

So you know it must be working. The girls start talking to the two non-Grouper males, and somewhat disrupt the flow of everything. One of my wingmen, who is also my roommate, suggests our house as a destination. In terms of the Facebook-proof element of dating, Grouper is hardly the only one doing this.

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The person who puts down all five fingers the fastest loses, and also is likely the most adventurous of the group. It's currently accepting applications from potential members in those cities.

More than 10 additional cities with some in Canada are on the docket for later this year, too.

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Well, it allows Groupers to get right down to business and, in the event the group of three sitting across from you sucks, you can walk out after the first round of drinks without having to sit through an awkward closing of tabs or just ditch them. Thanks, Grouper, for the fun night out.

Because it's also hard to make friends, especially in a new city.