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Australia's present topography is the result of a long landscape history, which, fundamentally, started in the Permian Period when Australia was very near the South Pole, and much of the continent was glaciated by large ice caps.

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An ancient landscape in the Northern Territory outback. Recently, scientists have been able to obtain a much clearer picture of Australia's geological past through deep seismic surveys, which has provided new information about how the continent was formed, particularly around Broken Hill, Mount Isa, Iron Knob [PDF, Every day we connect singles looking for someone special.

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The landforms of today are the result of prolonged, continuous processes of movement and erosion over millions of years giving rise to a variety of landscapes across Australia. Towards the east, the flat land rises to the Great Divide which runs parallel to the east coast from the tip of the Cape York Peninsula in Queensland almost km south to the Grampians in Victoria.

Although the shape of Australia is due largely to tectonic Earth movements and long term changes in sea level, most of its topography is a result of prolonged erosion by wind and water.

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Many of the features of the drainage pattern have a very long history, and some individual valleys have maintained their position for millions of years. Simply, online dating Find Happy wants to make online dating a simple, pleasurable experience.

Your happy could be just a couple of clicks away. These plateaus in part comprise cratons such as the Yilgarn Craton and the Pilbara Craton. The rocks along a coastal strip around the Western Australian capital of Perth are much younger than the adjacent Yilgarn Craton and are separated from it by the Darling Fault escarpment.


Some southern plateaus are dissected by erosion into rugged hills with the eastern edge forming the high escarpments. The Eastern Highlands also were uplifted about this time to form the Great Divide which separates rivers flowing towards inland Australia from rivers flowing to the Pacific Ocean.

How else could we give our members the best possible chance of finding someone special? During this event ice covered about 25 square kilometres in the vicinity of Mt Kosciuszkowith the most significant remnant being the Blue Lake cirque.

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Take a look at some of the reasons that new people register with us every week. Much of the centre of Australia is flat, but there are numerous ranges such as the MacDonnell and Musgrave Ranges, as well as some individual structures, of which the best known is Uluru.

Some of Australia's most spectacular waterfalls occur where rivers flow over the Great Escarpment. Select from other singles in Australia or get more personal with our exclusive sites for mature singles, Christians or single parents.

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In contrast, the Nullarbor Plain is an uplifted sea floor, a limestone plain of Miocene age. Erosion of the newly-formed continental edge on the eastern side formed the Great Escarpment, which can be traced from near the tip of Cape York Peninsula to south eastern Victoria.

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