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Each group must pass the balloon around and keep it moving without touching the floor. Sock Wars Everyone takes their shoes off and leaves them to the side. Speed friending Speed Friending is much like speed dating! If the two point to different people or both accuse an innocent person, both accusers die.

Have everyone stand up.

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Then the third person watches the second person act, and so on. You can also change your IM status to "offline" if you don't want any members sending you an IM.

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You'll need a spool of string or yarn for this one. The important things to remember are: He said there were two main possible reasons for the 'waist effect'. The last pair to find each other is out.

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The facilitator yells out words that are frequently featured in popular songs. The last person to still have one or both socks on wins!

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For example, one child could say Anthony Apples. Big Bad Wolf Have one player volunteer to be the wolf. Keep the Balloon Up This icebreaker will get kids out of their seats and moving around.

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It can go by fast, so it can be fun to hold several rounds. Petite Dating Site is helping many skinny people find their true love. Getting to know each other Even the most close-knit of youth groups will face the drama that comes along with being a young person.

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Then the troops gather across from each other. Slim, fit and single!

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This works especially well in a one-on-one setting. This is great for the group to get to know each other, but also for the leaders to better understand where the members of their group are coming from.

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He loved to ask a general, open-ended question and then narrow in on a more specific topic. This one is great for encouraging mingling at cocktail parties.