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He does not buy Sarah's engagement ring, showing his true Gaz and charlotte dating chat are for John Paul, though he is too scared to admit it publicly.

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Tearing up, he asks, "When did you get over me? Craig is furious, and demands to know why he did it and implies in a fit of rage that John Paul was just his little secret and nothing more.

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Jack assumes that it must be Sarah hiding under the duvet and apologises. I am very excited about taking the show even further this year with more compelling and brave stories. His task was to rejuvenate the series and change a perception that because the cast were good-looking they were therefore unable to act.

During the meeting, Sarah receives phone calls from the guy from the shoot.

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Craig arrived as they are all going to a gig, but he feels left out as John Paul and Spike teased him and later ignored him as they laugh together on the sofa. The four dine at Il Gnosh and bump into John Paul who stays to chat for a short while before leaving, followed by Craig.

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But although he loves John Paul, Craig is still unsure about himself and his families reaction. However it proved popular with the teenage audience at which it was aimed. Character development[ edit ] Craig Dean was not at first outlined as harbouring homosexual feelings or tendencies. Meanwhile, Frankie and Jack marry and Darlene deals with her feelings by making up claims about his family making passes at her.

But she wants to keep their relationship a secret and she uses him to lose her virginity.


He then leaves to see Sarah. The number of attendees was far in excess of anticipations - indeed, there were thousands - but it is claimed[ by whom? However, this infuriated Sarah very much and she storms off.

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If I've achieved that, then that's great. An exit storyline was devised for Eva.

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He uses his intelligence to manipulate Hollyoaks villagers and to pull a variety of scams. Frankie takes in a foster child in order to fill the Up market internet dating that Craig left.

In a second weekly episode was commissioned. Craig asks if he and Spike have slept together and when John Paul confirms that they have, Craig admits that he can't stop thinking about John Paul and tears streaming down his face, he kisses John Paul.

Niall, thinking he has got his opportunity to meet Steph, prepares to make an appearance when he is shocked to discover that Craig is also present.

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Craig immediately attempts to convince Sarah that it was a misunderstanding. But Craig is hurt when only Steph supports him, saying it is all "dead romantic". This caused a row between John Paul and Spike where John Paul admitted he had a "school boy crush" on Craig, but that he had never felt for anyone like he felt for Spike.

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