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The first market charter was granted by Henry Iand over time the name changed from Novus Burgus, to Nova Porta, to Newborough and finally to Newport in about The River Meesewhich flows from Aqualate Merelies to the north of the town.

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History[ edit ] A settlement existed in and is listed as Bosle in the Domesday Book. The villages of Church AstonChetwynd and Longford are adjoined to the south of Newport, though they remain in separate parishes.

Other areas[ edit ] The oldest man-made landmark in the town is the Puleston Cross which is a butter cross positioned near to the Church of St Nicholas.

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The next estate is that in the south-east of Woodcote Halla smaller one belonging to the Cotes family. Due to the growth and decline of religions over time some previous churches have since been used for other uses or been demolished altogether, most of these are in the Upper Bar area of the town, around the Granville road and Wellington road area.

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Just imagine fucking like shopping online: The many half-timbered buildings surviving from the late medieval and Tudor periods confirm Newport's success, leading to the first market charter which was granted by Henry I. North of the town is the Chetwynd Park estate of the Pigottsbought in by Thomas Borrow of north Derbyshire who changed his name to Burton Borough.

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Humans inhabited this area long before the Queer dating straight of the town.

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Culture[ edit ] Broseley has a large amateur dramatics society, BroADS, which performs a number of plays every year.

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Newport sits on a sandstone ridge on the eastern border of the Welsh Marches and west of the Aqualate Merethe largest natural lake in the English Midlands [6] The area around it at the end of the last Ice Age was part of Lake Lapworth. The High Street and St Mary's Street area were seeing new stores coming into the town to fill empty lots and some of the older ones were developed.

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