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It Free dating sites in scranton pa also a hotbed of activity for the Molly Maguires. Wrote Ralston, "sloping ice or soft soap was scarcely as slippery. Several battles were fought in and near Philadelphia as well. Rustic cabins are available year round. Because the site was far from deposits of "virgin ore," said Donehoo, historians have long pondered what prompted "the erection" of this famed iron furnace that took on the name of Sally Ann.

Other activities are bird watching Presque Isle is an important resting spot for migrating birdssearching for beach glass, and exploring the lighthouse on North Pier and the Presque Isle Lighthouse.

Apparently the name Minooka was first applied to the region aroundand at times it was known as Needham's Patch. Peckville Williamsport was once the unofficial lumber capital of the world, but northeastern Pennsylvania also "saw" its share of the lumber industry as well. In his heyday, Flood was a member of the so-called "College of Cardinals": Eastern Sheshequin is still known by the locals as Ghent, taken from the town in Belgium where the famous treaty ended the War of The whole family will enjoy the interactive displays at the North Museum of Nature and Science and have fun at the nearby Dutch Wonderland Amusement Park, while foodies can get their fill at the Lancaster Central Market and taste all the offerings available from the food trucks at Prince Street Park.

It was later spun off into regions that now form parts of 17 other counties. Norvelt One of the more recent towns to appear on the Pennsylvania landscape. Some settlers lobbied for the name Tanawa, after a local Indian chief with whom they'd lived in peace.

Part of the idea was to turn this Pennsylvania town into an industrial powerhouse just like its namesake city in Britain.

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In that year, the military figured out how to use silver iodide to help seed a hurricane that eventually hit the Georgia coast near Savannah. In the s some local developers took a party of railroad men to a nearby hillside to give them a birds-eye view of the town below.

Mayfield Originally known as Glenwood, the area later became Mayville, named for Captain William May, a manager in nearby mining operations. Located near Harrisburg, the word comes from a Susquehannock Indian word that settlers pronounced as "peshtank," meaning "still waters.

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In winter you can enjoy cross-country skiing, sledding, and ice fishing. Others suggest the word stems from an Algonquin term meaning "turkeys aplenty. Negro Pond Found in Wyoming County near Laceyville and once listed on maps as "Nigger Pond," a possible holdover from the days of the underground railroad.

Nittany As in Nittany Mountains. You can reach the lookout point for Main Falls, where the Bushkill Creek tumbles over a foot cliff into a deep pool, via a short minute hike along the Green Trail. According to Donehoo, the grounds were "studded" with a prolific growth of huge dogwood trees that formed a unique type of charcoal that proved particularly effective in the manufacture of iron.

Northumberland county Formed in and named after the most northern county in England. As a British commander led his forces down an Indian trail and across the creek, his horse fell Free dating sites in scranton pa a large smooth rock, severely injuring the officer.

Prosperity After the first settlers hunkered down here in southwest PA, they did the next natural thing: Here are the best Pennsylvania destinations.

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He was actually from Cologne, Germany, to the northwest of Mannheim. Sally Ann If only some writers could ever realize how their words might be taken generations down the line. As a youth, Pike is said to have made several trips through the Pike County region. Perhaps the supposed double-whammy of promoting the "mill" aspect as well as forming a mental association, however tenuous it may seem in retrospect, with the prominence of the well-known Wisconsin city bode well for future success.

A federal official came into the store one day and asked Mark if he'd like to house the local post office in the store. A mad search went on for a baby buried under a collapsed chimney. The first explanation seems a much more convincing one, unless a deliberate play on words is involved.

Isaac Tillinghast who used "La Plume" as the pen name for her various writings.