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In short, we have every kind of person you could ask for - sexy Asians, passionate Latinas and Latinos, Black, Indian, lesbians, bisexual women and men, gay men, etc etc. Ptolemy wrote a geographical treatise on India in the second century A.

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Poems written in praise of numerous heroes and heroines. I feel and find that it fills a void and satisfies a need, in me, to share and help others utilize the Megasthenese The Greek ambassador in the court of Chandragupta Maurya c.

But At the time of copying, some errors tend to creep in or sometimes even additions are made.

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Thus, the writing system of the Ashokan inscriptions in Brahmi script are considered to be the earliest 3rd AD. These inscriptions show them engaged in social and religious welfare activities like any other Indian.

In the age of Harshavardhana and some other contemporary kings of Northern India. Unlike Megasthenese, Al-Beruni studied Sanskrit language and tried to gain a precise knowledge of Indian sources.

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Later, British started epigraphic studies in the late eighteenth century and deciphered it. People kept money in earthen posts as precious hoards.

The ladders in the game represented virtues and the snakes indicated vices. From the inscriptions we also came to know that Learned Brahmans called Agraharas were given grant of land, free from all taxes. Ancient India did not have banking system.

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Total 30, lines of poetry arranged in eight Anthologies called Ettuttokai two main groups, Patinenkilkanakku 18 lower collections and the Pattupattu ten songs. Not only does SearchPartner provide Ahmedabad dating but also international dating.

In the original game the squares of virtue are Faith 12Reliability 51Generosity 57Knowledge 76and Asceticism It was known as moksha pAtam or vaikunthapaali or paramapada sopaanam the ladder to salvation The game as popularly played in ancient India was known as Moksha Patam, and emphasized the role of fate or karma.

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Inscriptions of the Indo-Greeks, Saka-kshatrapas and Kushanas adopt Indian names within two or three generations. Losing your words doesn't happen to everyone but it's perfectly natural. Kharoshthi evolved on the Varnantata system of the Indian languages is written from right to left.

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This is considered as the second most important source for reconstructing the history of India, the first being inscriptions. Thus, Sangam texts are not merely artistic poems, they also provide a source of social-economic-political life of people living in the Deltaic Tamilnadu in the early Christian centuries.

The morality lesson of the game was that a person can attain salvation Moksha through doing good, whereas by doing evil one will inherit rebirth to lower forms of life.

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Chinese Travelers visited India from time to time- as Buddhist pilgrims and therefore their accounts are somewhat tilted towards Buddhism. India is particularly rich in epigraphic material. This literature generally describes events upto the fourth century A. For example Hiuen-Tsang depicts Harsha as a follower of Buddhism but in his epigraphic records Harsha mentions himself as a devotee of Siva.

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The earliest system of writings is found in the Harappan seals.