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Mainly cause of common sense, but the near impossibility of getting a marriage license in the US for someone under 16 some states don't allow outright, a couple will require only parental consent and the vast mayority require a court order to allow it also plays in here. I, personally, have been with my significant other for 4 years.

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Single moms have proven inadequate; their children consistently fall behind those of married couples in every regard.

I'm willing to bet that "15 or older" is meant to be "25 or older" in your 6th paragraph there.

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And a few years later, when the adults you grew up to be discovered they didn't really like each other We call this the model of hedonic marriage. Your supporting logic is okay, but I think that marriage was probably invented by a coordinated effort between women and beta-men, since alpha men are really the only ones who benefit in the long term from a society without marriage.

The individuals interviewed at the beginning of Freakonomics radio online dating podcast list reasons as to why they got married, but those could be the same reasons individuals list who are in committed, long-term relationships.

You might be concerned about complacency and a lack of perspective. Given how often people cheat, why do we force monogamy on people?

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NZ February 13, 6: NZ February 14, 2: Nevertheless, you appear very certain of who invented marriage. We all change and grow and to expect another person to do that with you, over decades, is selfish and irrational.

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NZ February 13, 8: This episode is about all the ways that marriage has changed over the last 50 years. His children live with us half of the time.

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Bythat number had fallen to So, similar interests and passions. I also want to know "why be with one person forever? You can subscribe to the podcast at iTunesget the RSS feedor listen via the media player above.

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How does this affect the rest of society? We begin by hearing the voices of people all around the country, talking about why they got married or want to.

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How's that marriage and divorce thing working out in Red State Land? Your statements about marriage and family being relics of the past don't seem to account for what happens once children are created.

Back then, if you were a couple of horny teens having sex, and you got caught at it, or she got pregnant, you were pretty well forced to get married.

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