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Over the course of their two-year run, the show received mixed reviews. The concept is about a psychologist tWitch who teaches a dancer Alex to let go of his technique and inhibitions and just dance. None of the judges liked the routine.

Life and career[ edit ] — However, Nappytabs tends to utilize this formation for TVXQ — rotating the members in the foreground and background, instead of always keeping the two in the centre. Changes to the original show included a bigger stage, a new set, and added dance routines.

She indirectly criticized them after a lyrical hip-hop piece choreographed by Marty Kudelka in which she referred to the dance style as "dated".

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The show has a cohesiveness that it never had before, good follow-through on ideas, and far more intriguing staging. Of the dance, judge Mia Michaels stated "That to me felt more real than any contemporary piece, honestly, because it came from such a raw raw space and place.

However, the movements are smoother and more fluid rather than hard-hitting and, like lyrical dance, emphasis is placed on storytelling and conveying emotion through the choreography.

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Electric Boogaloo in InTabitha and Napoleon started Nappytabs dancewear. The show's original title was Nonsense a nod to the crew's name because, at the time, they lacked a cohesive theme.

During season five's Top 8 performance episode, Lythgoe commented after a hip-hop routine choreographed by Shane Sparks "It's wonderful to have Shane Sparks back this season.

The routine generated positive while emotional responses causing both guest judge Debbie Reynolds and resident judge Mary Murphy to cry while giving feedback. In response to this, judge and executive producer Nigel Lythgoe decided to start calling Tabitha and Napoleon "Nappytabs" during the show so that viewers who looked them up on Google would find their store's website.

Aside from disliking the props, she described their hip-hop choreography for "Bad Boys for Life" as " contrived ". Inthey moved to Los Angeles to expand their opportunities.

He brings something else Tabitha and Napoleon directed both shows. The most significant criticism came during season six in response to " People are Strange "—a routine about how aliens would attempt to dance hip-hop.

At worst, their choreography has been criticized as "softie hip-hop more like 'hip-pop' ".

At the time the website launched they all were faculty members Tips dating korean girl Shock the Intensive dance convention. Lythgoe said the routine placed concept theme over substance dancing. They did not call themselves Nappytabs, and the word being a nickname to refer to both of them did not start until they became choreographers on So You Think You Can Dance.

The Washington Post stated "Although the bit of bedroom footwork was more laugh-inducing than anything, some of the dancing really is spectacular. Lyrical hip-hop[ edit ] Lyrical dance is a studio-based dance style that uses a combination of classical dance techniques from jazz and ballet to tell a story through movement.

World of Dance[ edit ] Tabitha and Napoleon serve as co-executive producers and supervising choreographers for World of Dance WODa television show based off the hip-hop dance competition of the same name.

On the first performance episode, contestants Katee Shean and Joshua Allen performed a D'umo choreographed lyrical hip-hop piece to the song " No Air " by Jordin Sparks. Bonnie Lythgoe called it the "top routine of the night".

If this routine and you are not up for an Emmy with Napoleon and Tabitha next year, I don't know why not.

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This routine received positive reviews and was later chosen as a "Judges' Favorite" by judge and executive producer Nigel Lythgoe to be performed again during the finale.