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Disappointment of the year: In the last eight races of the season Alonso scored 48 points, which was more than any other driver over the same period Massa scored 43 points and Hamilton scored 40 points.

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Remember that many safety features have expiry dates beyond which they cannot be used for motorsport. Both drivers were spared sanctions in exchange for providing evidence.

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On 27 May, Alonso secured his second victory for McLaren at Monacoscoring pole position, fastest lap and the race win and in the process lapping the entire field up to 3rd position.

The release by the Italian authorities of the results of Ayrton Senna's autopsy, revealing that the driver had died instantaneously during the race at Imola, ignited still more controversy. It suffered a three-hour delay but qualifying in Monza served up the most unexpected result of the year with Lance Stroll on the front row and Esteban Ocon third, and the most historic as Hamilton claimed a record-breaking 69th pole of his F1 career.

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Japanese broadcasts of the season show both Schumacher and Hill gesturing a bottoming out action with their hands while waiting for the restart of the Imola GP. At the first race in Australia Alonso started near the back due to rain in qualifying but fought his way to third. Think the white, blue and red of Martini or red and white of Malboro.

Alonso took his third pole position and fifth win at the French Grand Prix.

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Qualifying of the year: However, he spent the whole race towards the back of the grid, and finished 14th after qualifying in 16th.

Alonso replied "I believe things happen because they have to happen.

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Enzo Ferrari built his first car inand mid-life crises have never been the same since. Since he was unwilling to speak out due to Did g dragon and sohee dating earlier row with race officials that had left him still fraught with emotions, [3] Senna asked Berger to raise his concerns about the pace car's presence during formation lap, which had no role other than to promote the then latest Porsche Alonso has attributed his ability to adapt his driving style to different conditions to his karting career: There is no question that its design was very poor.

The as-yet-unanswered questions F1 will have to grapple with in 2018, on and off the track...

The responsibility for this falls on Patrick Head, culpable of omitted control". Alternative theories[ edit ] Emotional stress - Former Formula 1 driver Nelson Piquet said Senna was under pressure and suffering emotional stress in his last days.

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After poor qualifying at San MarinoAlonso was unable to pass Michael Schumacher in an encounter that echoed their battle the previous year. Saga of the year: Senna's car was eventually lifted onto a truck and returned to the pitlane where officials impounded it.

Shortest notice of the year: The neurosurgeon who examined Ayrton Senna at the hospital mentioned that the circumstances did not call for surgery because the wound was generalised in the cranium.

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They could not say that. After learning Barrichello had survived, Senna returned to his car and continued his practice session. Honda rumours started when Alonso said in an interview that he felt there was something about Honda and he wanted to drive for them in and switching to Ferrari in Having rotated in a fixed arc during the previous laps, during the final seconds a yellow button on the wheel moved several centimetres away from its normal trajectory, with the steering wheel tilting in its own plane, indicating a breaking steering column.

There was crushing of the brain which was forced against the wall of the cranium causing oedema and haemorrhage, increasing intra-cranial pressure and causing brain deathtogether with the rupture of the temporal artery, haemorrhage in the respiratory passages and the consequent heart failure.