Ex dating my coworker makes, my husband got in trouble at work after i told his coworker to stay away from him

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I feel sorry for the woman phoning you. Carrie August 3, at From the way this is laid out, it sounds like the OP is the interloper, anyways.

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I, however, agree with Alison. Or that the relationship may be over. And that also means dealing with your husband, not the woman involved. It definitely worked for me.

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I might be getting the details wrong, but it feels similar to that one, except from another perspective. Anonsie What about that letter from not even five days ago about the company booking appointments for some VIP so he could ditch his wife and see his mistress?

You may also like: TeapotCounsel There may be more to the story than OP realizes.

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In the meanwhile, her work is being handled by the rest of the department, and the longer this goes on, the more stress and strain it places on already full workloads.

I think that is what she suspects, and why she wrote in.

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Did you ever check him for tattoos? That would put my reputation, my professionalism, everything in jeopardy. You will end up looking more like the unreasonable and even crazy person in this situation and that might even end up with a restraining order against you.

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Probably she loves him. More compassion and less writing people off. One thought is that she has been arrested, not convicted, and I should mind my own business.

The thought of telling … or of not telling … neither feels completely right.

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