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Are all brown people doctors, are all African Americans athletes?

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Osama Bin Laden has killed the people of his race indirectly. But it is up to the individual to correctly determine how she or she wants to define it.

Why Racial Profiling Cannot Work. Williams represents this cause, where minority motorists were stopped along Essay on racial profiling in america New Jersey Turnpike Justice. However, society must realize that every race is like a deck of cards. Racial profiling has made its stamp in communities.

The cops knocked on his door and while the man reached to get his wallet from his pocket the cops shot him thinking that he was armed Fritsch. For instance, take the Diallo case of where Cops shot a random man who was an immigrant because they thought he fit the description of another colored rapist in the area Fritsch.

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But on the other hand we have applications of racial profiling to help select certain minority groups for appropriate occupations and universities Mccarthy. That is not to say some officers can be prejudice against a certain group, but more or less the inferences of criminals based on race has improved.

One can come up with numerous examples stating its advantages and disadvantages. There have been numerous cases where officials had suspected random terrorist action by catching the wrong person.

However, throughout decades of research and training police are now better equipped to make such judgments. Racial Profiling is pretty much a blatant stereotype.

Thus, the American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey had a major victory in its legal efforts to end Page 3 racial profiling when the court refused to dismiss a claim that state officials acted with deliberate indifference to evidence of discrimination against minority motorists.

On one side we have the bad where we tend to classify certain individuals into stereotypical groups.

Coining certain people with specific crimes is the way our society works Meeks. One might wonder how racial profiling started. As former prosecutor, Andy McCarthy, took some terms of racial profiling into his own hand.

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There is a good and bad to racial profiling. This case could be perceived as the highest point of negative racial profiling.

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We cannot hate or discriminate based on race, but sadly in our world perception beat reality creating unequivocal problems. Works Cited Fritsch, Jane. Racial profiling is a very wide subject.

That is how our society should be viewed. Conversely, one can look at it as from an educational standpoint.