SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: Sir Patrick battles housing plan | Daily Mail Online SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: Sir Patrick battles housing plan | Daily Mail Online

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So, Hillary can blame whomever she likes for her dismal failure. Specifically they failed to grill him about his plans to create jobs.

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After two crushing presidential race defeatsyou might think Hillary would now retire gracefully. Angela Merkel has Chancellor of Germany sinceand Theresa May is the second female Prime Minister - about to win again in a landslide.

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There are more than 20 female world leaders, yet Hillary claims SHE was thwarted by misogyny In fact, there are over 20 female world leaders currently in power. InAngela Merkel became first female Chancellor of Germany and is still in office today.

The political glass ceiling was first smashed decades ago, in when Sirimavo Bandaranaike became first female Prime Minister of Ceylon.

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Now some of these folks are irredeemable, but thankfully they are not America. Vladimir Putin hates her, she insisted, because she said one of his Russian presidential elections was rigged, so he was determined to wreak revenge by rigging THIS election so she would lose.

Trump heard those people, visited them regularly and made them believe in him.

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It was very much a part of the landscape, politically, socially and economically. Trump heard those the concerns of Middle Americapeople she ignored As I wrote at the time, Trump seized on the gaffe like a ravenous hyena scavenging on a freshly slaughtered gazelle. Hillary, basking in their applause, added: It came during a mid-evening speech she made to a star-studded audience at a fund-raiser in New York on Friday, September 11, when she suddenly decided to abuse, denigrate and mock tens of millions of her fellow Americans.

Hillary was directly, unequivocally, accusing vast swathes of her fellow Americans of being racist, sexist, gay-and-Muslim haters. The US election is not won by popular vote.

And come November 8, that outrage manifested itself in spectacular style with those people voting for her opponent. The woman who sneeringly told a room full of elites that half of Trump supporters were 'deplorables' is the worst person to have out front if Democrats want to unseat Trump in She should put her party before her bruised ego and shut up.

But the truth is she ran a dreadful, purposeless campaign from start to finish and ignored the very real fears and concerns of middle America.

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Leslie-anne huff dating still appears in complete denial about the real reason she lost, so let me help her with that because I can pinpoint the exact moment. This is a blatant lie: Asked if misogyny had played a role in her defeat, she said: The system is the system.

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The longer Hillary Clinton hangs around now, like a rotten egg, the worse the stench of failure will linger. Apparently, they never asked Trump the right questions in the TV debates.

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