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Also stories about kindness, caring and sharing.

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Didn't realize you were a environmental scientist that has studied inland bodies of water your whole life. Busy book through yellowhead county. The drought we had last summer really made the level drop and helped the weed growth also.

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This is the best wood heater he has ever seen or used. Get a site along the lake. Wolf Lake by Edson. Last time we went it was slow by Motobenson on Feb.

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Bonus is only 5 or so trucks at chip city! Hard concept indeed by brokedown on Feb. I'm sure Alberta wildlife will be consulting with you and getting your approval on all changes pertaining to Alberta lakes going forward. The guy beside me did land a walleye though which was very strange.

We got lucky, I guess.

I've only fished the lake a handful of times and have only fished that spot so I'm no expect but I've and always done well. Was really surprised at the Color of the water this time of year. Nice but book ahead or you may not get a very good site. And how thick the ice is? Just wondering knows is a burbot in this lake?

Run by the county as well. The wood pile was larger than the house each year, and the bed quilts still froze to the wall, and the household water froze in the pail by morning, and, if you were lucky, the air tight lasted 2 years before burning out. RSF units also have "cool to the touch" sides to prevent accidental skin burns.

I hope to go out tomorrow. Secondary air provides oxygen for burning gases behind the wood. If so how can I catch it? Is there a place to launch it? Or let them all winterkill and go to waste.

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All RSF heaters, furnaces and fireplaces have a unique butterfly valve fresh air intake which senses the temperature of the fire, and opens and closes automatically, without electricity, to give a nice even heat output over the entire time the load of wood is burning.

Secondary heat exchanger assures that secondary air is as hot as possible. We are going to keep this website as simple as possible to accommodate dial-up users most of our customers are country folk who do not have access to high speed internet, and it is much faster loading text than pictures and because html is still new to me.

Shiningbank Lake near Edson. Caught 5 pike so far. Growing up on a farm in the 50's and 60's, we used to spend all winter cutting and splitting firewood to heat our 2 story 16x24 ft log house with a tin can airtight heater.

Fireplaces come with 30 year warranty. If you're looking for a reliable, efficient, safe, long-lasting wood heater that has a cooking surface, keeps your house or shop warm all night, that can be connected to your hot water heating system, and can be controlled with a thermostat to within one degree, then look no further.

I will go on saturday as starting sunday there is snowfall that will last for a week almost.