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The new system Edmondson spent some time experimenting with small card Edmondson ticket dating press which he prepared in advance. Another variety impressed the date of the ticket with special sharp type. Interior of Ticket Office at Paddington Station, Tickets today Card tickets were used for almost years, with the last being issued in Later ticket presses were made from iron by Ralph Cairns, a clockmaker from Brampton in Cumberland.

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Edmondson began his railway career during a time when tickets were handwritten, as was the practice for stagecoaches at the time. The Prague printing house produced 50, tickets per day until start of decrement[ clarification needed ].

If you have a small hand-operated letterpress machine and an interest in preserved transport, why not have a go? The machines are normally trouble free in operation if the moving parts are kept clean and lightly lubricated. I have printed fronts and backs at the same time, though this needs very careful organisation to prevent having some tickets with two fronts and other with two backs!

The remaining part was placed in groove in the lid of the ticket rack above its tube. In Switzerland, Edmondson tickets were issued until December at some stations, especially of the RhB.

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I arrange for the printed card to fall into a tray alongside the machine. When the machine is turned on, a sliding mechanism pushes the ticket blanks along a track towards the first stamp, which prints the backside of the ticket.

Although there is some small variation nowadays metricated to 30 x 57 x 0.

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You need to remember is that every ticket needs one Tesco speed dating preferably two serial numbers and there is likely to be a coloured overprint letter, symbol or stripe and wording may be required on the back as well as the front of the card.

In Poland alternative less popular destinations were printed there e. British Rail were willing though they did not advertise the fact to supply small quantities of the tickets they bought from the Dickinson Edmondson ticket dating press Group to bona fide amateur ticket printers.

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Until the s the Edmondson ticket printing machine was widespread in many countries England, Germany, France, among others.

I was subsequently able to buy two second-hand Lethaby machines for mounting in the machine chase. The plunger can play havoc with the dressing on the padding card and so I positioned it towards the edge of the platen.

The government-owned Sri Lanka Railways uses second-hand machines purchased from the Netherlands to print their tickets.

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In Sussex the Bluebell Railway has a number of Edmondson printing machines that are to be placed on display in a specially-built museum at the front of Sheffield Park station. Numbering At first I used a hand operated plunger machine by ENMwith a guide to position the tickets.

If you have information about either printing these tickets; or other specialist areas of letterpress please get in touch!

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We were given an hours lesson on the use of the press by Mr Mick Norman, formerly in charge of the Crewe ticket printing shop, and we were then on our own!

Handling such small card is fiddly but thanks to the thickness you can push the printed ticket along the bar with the new one you are laying down. Half fares[ edit ] Typically, half-fare tickets e. Satisfactory results cannot be obtained using worn or damaged type so a new set is often a good investment.