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In fact everyone says Dubai is a safe place, and we think so too. How do you balance different cultures at the same time within the Dubai culture?

And just like in most other countries, liquor sale is regulated.

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And listen to this. Many times people get deported and no one even comes to find out about it.

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What this means is that local laws are very strict on crime committing individuals. Only in the privacy of your own home should you consider going in for a kiss. This is not your partner being arrogant or unfair — it is a cultural norm within a patriarchal society as in Dubai.

Or just to visit? The biggest threat the law poses to Dubai residents is the ability to deport them anytime with no questions asked. Arab traditions in dating are much more conservative than Western norms, so do not automatically assume that what is acceptable in your home country will be considered appropriate in Dubai.

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These events bring in a ton of revenue and attract a lot of celebrities. Public displays of affection are frowned upon by Emiratis local Dubai folk and inappropriate behavior can land you in jail with possible deportation for serious offences.

From our research we found that Iranians were the first to migrate to Dubai in masses back in the s, followed by Indians and Pakistanis in the s. Although these laws are not stringently enforced in Dubai, unless someone complains to Dubai dating culture police, it is wise to tread with caution when it comes to living together or dating in Dubai.

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These can be confusing, and can also lead to misunderstandings and upset. Avoid public displays of affection Many foreign couples have been jailed for seemingly innocent behavior, but holding hands in public or a quick peck on the cheek is about as far as you can go in publicly expressing your feelings for your partner.

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You are allowed to practice your religion and there establishments like the Christian church and Hindu Temples to accommodate. Singles in Dubai are extremely active on the app and this is an easy way to meet someone, have a chat and decide if it makes sense to arrange a date.

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Before its recent 21st century economic expansion, Dubai culture was pretty consistent throughout the Emirate. Even the back of a taxi is dodgy ground for kissing. It is also illegal to live together or have sex without being married.

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Your partner will surely not be interested. Read more about Dubai entertainment in this section.