DirecTV SWM 8 Wiring Diagrams DirecTV SWM 8 Wiring Diagrams

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The numbers you need to aim Dtv hookup dish are in the text above the colored signal strength meter bars — azimuth, elevation, and tilt. SWM single wire method is common on recently installed units; others have two cables.

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When that's done, your TV comes on, and you're hooked up, wherever you are. You already have what's called a receiver — a box the size of a DVD player your satellite provider gave you. I have been fulltiming for three years now and have been able to set up my satellite television dish and watch TV wherever I go in about 15 minutes.

Don't enter anything at home if you're just experimenting. First, you have to get the equipment. June 20, Campskunk 30 Comments If you already have a satellite television setup at your sticks and bricks house, it's easy to take it with you when traveling. The only possible problem is taking it across the border because of licensing agreements DirecTV has with the content providers, so keep a low profile in Canada.

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Here's how it's done. Mount the dish bracket and dish on the mast, hook up your wire sand find the elevation and tilt adjustments on the bracket. Buy a compass with these degrees on it. I didn't have to buy a second dish — my road dish is my one and only one.

Check with SolidSignal, on Amazon, or any of the other dish sellers to see if they have what you have at home.

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Mine where I am now is degreesso I know to aim south-southeast. And when she's happy, we are all happy.

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If you have a two-wire system, you'll have to hardwire in a second connection, or run it through a window. Google around and you'll find them. Fine tune the elevation and azimuth to peak the signal, and you're done.

Back out of the signal strength menu after you find the satellites, and the receiver will be going through a 5 minute process of downloading stuff. DirecTV helpfully provides you with aiming coordinates and signal strength meters, if you know where to look on their menu.

Do this at your house before you try moving it. First, however, you need to know where you are. You also have a permanently installed satellite dish at your house, probably up on the roof somewhere.

From my display on the TV, I see that my local spot's elevation is 36 and tilt is 98, so I loosen the thumbscrews and adjust the dish so that the indicators on the bracket point to these numbers, then tighten things back up. And my wife Sharon is happy. I have three lengths totaling feet with barrel connecters to splice them together so that I can park under the trees or next to the hookups and have enough cable to put the dish out in the open where it can hit the satellites.

First, set up your tripod so the mast is perpendicular — use a torpedo level for this, or a bubble level installed in the top of the pipe. Get your latitude and longitude to the nearest degree off your GPS or a map, or get the ZIP code of Dtv hookup nearest town, either one, and start looking in the menu of your cable box for the setup instructions.

The other channels work fine, though. You will also need a dish — mine is the Slimline 5 LNB model here. Your home Speed dating vine is already aimed.

Look Dtv hookup the numbers on little ruler lines and you'll find it.

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Elevation is how far above the horizon you aim the dish, and tilt is the rotation of the dish around its directional axis to line the dish up with the satellites along the earth's equatorial plane. The important thing is that they have a 2 inch diameter pipe for the mast to fit a DirecTV dish.

You can't get your local broadcast channels if you're more than miles from home — they're spot beamed down onto your hometown. My system is standalone because I'm a fulltimer — there is no house.