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However, thanks to Piccolo, Gohan works on overcoming this flaw of his, to not let his own superior power blind him on the battlefield ever again. The series has a recap pagecurrently under construction.

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Once, Goku and Chi-Chi were walking through a meadow with Gohan on a stroller, but the stroller was accidentally released, causing them to chase after it.

He felt terrible when Videl was injured during Bulma's birthday due to his drunken overconfidence causing him to recklessly defect a bullet shot by Maithough fortunately neither Videl or the unborn Pan were seriously hurt and Dende was on hand to heal the injury.

Even Cell, who steals some of the best moves in the show like the Solar Flare or the Kamehameha, elects not to use this move that can seemingly cut just about anyone in half. He alternates between a school uniform, his Great Saiyaman costume, a blue gi similar to the Piccolo clothing except larger in sizea replica of the gi his father Goku wore while he was alive.

In Dragon Ball Z: Because of this, Piccolo can be considered as a surrogate father for Gohan. This work provides examples of: Like his father, Gohan has a truly pure and gentle heart, apart from having the typical Saiyan appetite and will eat anything.

While Gohan does care about his mother, he like his father has a fear of her temper to the point in Dragon Ball Super he informs his mother that Goku planned to leave to train under Whis, stating that he had to tell her for his own safety, though fortunately Chi-Chi surprisingly calmed down after Goku left with Whis.

The humans of the original Dragon Ball series might not have any fancy five minute long transformation sequences, but they still do some incredible things. He delivers a devastating blow to Raditz, giving Goku and Piccolo time to kill the evil Saiyan, though Goku dies in the process as well.

Whatever game you feel like turning on, we've got it here. Read and see what happens when Frieza's Force destroy her home planet?

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Gohan during the Tournament of Power in the manga By the time of the Tournament of PowerGohan's training with Piccolo appears to have reconditioned his body, becoming almost as muscular as Goku.

Even more bizarre though was his explanation Are you dating mr quality casual keeping it shaved for so long. Lean y descubran jiji Rated: Satan falsely took credibility for it.

Simply upload your game directly to the Addicting Games website using the game submission form. Having slacked off in training, he looks noticably skinnier, though that is only in his school uniform. In Xenoverse 2, while working as an Instructor with Videl his oblivious personality is still present despite his feelings for her as they are from a time period after the Kid Buu Saga, though still in the early stages of their relationship as he obliviously asks the Future Warrior to join them when Videl suggests they go to the movies unaware that she was subtly asking Gohan out on a date causing her to angrily uninvite him stating she and the warrior would go to the movies without him out of frustration she however enlists the Future Warrior's assistance in learning what Gohan likes in an effort to impress him as her attempts have been frustrated by Gohan's well-meaning but pure-hearted obliviousness.

While Yamcha and one Saibaman fight, Gohan cannot keep with their speed through his eyes alone, so Piccolo orders Gohan to concentrate and find them using Ki Sensewhich Gohan is eventually able to master quickly. Everyone shook away their tears and looked towards Inuyasha; Goku walked up and place a hand on one of his shoulders.

This is the guy who helped take down Vegeta, after all.

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After he resumes training with Piccolo, Gohan slicks up his hair again to have spiky ends. Gohan tends to wear formal clothing as he studies to become a professor consisting of a grey collar shirt with a blue vest and red pants.

However, when he is forced to fight, he shows special interest in protecting his family and friends.

This work provides examples of:

When Gohan is first introduced, he wears a child's outfit with his family name, 'Son', written on the front and the Four-Star Dragon Ball attached to his hat, the same Dragon Ball in which Goku believed that his grandpa's spirit resided. We may even sponsor it for cash! Piccolo destroys the moon, causing Gohan to revert into his normal form before Gohan destroys too much of the land.

But for being a natural resident of Earth, Krillin's power is nothing to be ashamed of at all. He marries Videl, with whom he fell in love despite her being Mr.