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Environmental building response

At its simplest this was limited to the raising of the corners by the addition of, generally, quadrant rounded mouldings which relieved the horizontal line and gave the effect of entasis to a potentially visible drooping corner.

Although the shutter was neither dust nor rain proof, it obviously provided optimal protection against at least the dust and rain.

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The panels shown in the internal photograph are the two panels to the right of those shown in the lower external photograph. What is interesting here is that the spirals have, respectively, nineteen blades at the top, and twenty-one and twenty-two at the bottom.

While the ground floor rooms of buildings in the central area were ventilated essentially from the courtyard, the upper floors were more easily ventilated. In design terms the extending poles create a implied further spatial quality to the structure, softening its appearance.

However, this isometric drawing, made inis of the original wind tower in Doha and shows the relationship of the tower with the rest of its complex, though omitting the adjacent sikkak and the enclosed date palm and other planting.

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Here are three more Doha speed dating from the same building, this time from the lower level of panels. Looks like your cookies are disabled. Unusually, the need for screening has seen the owner use what appear to be boards taken from packing cases.

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Consequently, a relatively simple shutter was introduced on the outside of the opening. Were it to be a working tower, then there is likely to be a need to prevent strong wind or shamal -borne sand moving down the tower. While List free online dating sites badgheer may appear to be a rather simple arrangement when seen situated on roofs or from outside, inside it can create a rather different impression, as illustrated here.

I believe that the structure would have been more complete, but much of the frame had fallen or been disassembled when this photograph was taken.

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I shall make notes on this a little further down the page. The new link with Perth will be around three hours quicker than routes which involve stopping in the Middle East to change planes or refuel. Like us on Facebook.

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The pattern on the left is a repeat pattern that better suits the shape of its container, while that on the right is specifically shaped to take account of the shape of the containing arch. Generally, the badgheer is designed to catch winds blown straight at it, deflecting them down and into the room through the horizontal gap between its two vertical elements.

Not all screening was effected with perforated naqsh or permanent construction devices. Again, as in the burj above, the mangrove poles strengthening the structure on its face have not been extended beyond the face of the building, but shorter poles have been inserted in order to give that impression.

This is a well-understood architectural device and it is interesting to speculate how it might have come about here.

But it is more probable that crenellating the top of buildings was an aesthetic refinement developed by the master builders for two reasons.

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Nevertheless, the intent seems to have been to replicate the needs for ventilation while providing privacy to the residents. Perhaps this is an area where the mechanics of the wind tower could be improved. On the right of the lower photograph that cement blocks have been used to make good the badgheer system at first floor level.

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This is how local architectural vocabularies are developed from the materials and techniques available to those needing to provide themselves with shelter. Here is a badgheer arrangement seen from the outside and below on a building in need of repair.

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This example shows one of the abraaj al hawwa in its simplest of forms. Their footprints were larger than houses in Qatar and were developed as courtyard houses with, often a depth of two rooms to each of their sides compared with the single rooms of Qatar.

These elements introduced a degree of comfort for the residents of the building.

Traditional air conditioning

They were located at high levels within rooms in order to vent some of the hot air that accumulated during the heat of the summer days.

This photograph shows a reconstructed example on the first floor of the wind tower development rehabilitated in the centre of Doha.

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The panel which has been incorporated into the badgheer will permit air to move through it while Doha speed dating permitting a part of any breeze to move down and into the room.

Autoblog is now part of the Oath family. The example of crenellation immediately above was on an old building that has since been demolished.

Select 'Manage options' to set your data use and sharing choices. Note, also, that the top mangrove pole does not extend away from the face of the building, but a pole has been inserted to give the appearance of it being extended.

Bear in mind that those using the space generally sat at floor level and so the breezes would have brought a degree of comfort directly to them.