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Tobias reveals that he was planning to become factionless after training this group of initiates.

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Soon after, Tobias takes Tris out on a date, and reveals how upset he's been despite understanding her need to lie to him. They find out that their city, Chicago, is an experiment in order to get rid of genetic damage believed to have been responsible for the Purity War years before.

During Eric's "trial," he asks Tris to state his crimes, and she realizes it's his way of getting to Tobias. Evelyn embraces him yet does not drink the serum before announcing her intention to end the war. Though Nita insists he keep it to himself, Tobias tells Tris in order to keep his promise to be honest with her.

Eventually, he visits her in her holding cell to let her know she's going to be interrogated under truth serum, and he's convinced Evelyn to let her be questioned first so Christina and CaraWill's sister from Erudite, don't get punished as traitors.

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To celebrate Choosing Day, Four scatters Tris' ashes while riding a zipline with his friends, having come to accept Divergent actors dating sacrifice and death.

Evelyn supposedly died when Tobias was young, leaving Tobias alone with Marcus. But "Beatrice" just doesn't sound right anymore. Tris later is ambushed by people who say they belong to the Allegiant, and want her help to go outside the city limits.

At the dinner, Tris Avatar dating games online free ranked first, and accepted into Dauntless.

The group splits up, and is ambushed. The two are captured by the guards soon after.

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Tris is able to resist the truth serum, and get Evelyn to let her, Cara, and Christina go. He has tattooed the symbol of each faction on his spine, starting from Dauntless at the top, then Abnegation, Candor, Erudite and Amity.

He becomes close to Nita, which briefly causes Tris' jealousy, and is Divergent actors dating to take part in her rebellion against the genetically pure leaders of the Bureau. Christina intentionally sabotages the truck so Tobias can get down to go Divergent actors dating his parents.

Though Christina is the one who captures the flag, Four tells Tris "well done," acknowledging her role in their win. During the stakeout, Dauntless member Lynn shoots MaxJeanine's representative, and Tris leads a group to the place she believes Jeanine is hiding.

Tris sees him while getting escorted by Peter, and he claims he turned himself in, as well. Tobias realized Tris sided with Marcus and betrayed him, but she argues that he should know her better to understand there was a purpose to her coming.

Dauntless members at Candor gather together to discuss Erudite's demands and their next move.

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He is informed that he is not actually a Divergent like he thought, which greatly hurts him as he is proud of that status. Eventually, they come to the amusement park, and Four tells them to come up with a strategy before the other team picks their spot.

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Eric has them stop, and tells Al to stand in front of the target. The three escape together. Tobias is furious with Tris for her actions, and warns her that if she continues to be reckless, he's done with her.

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Divergent "A stiff, the first to jump? The next day, the initiates go through Lauren's fear landscapes as preparation for the final.

He also finds out that Erudite are planning to use Dauntless to attack on Abnegation. However, just as she manages to stab Eric, who captured her, Tobias bursts in with other loyal Dauntless soldiers, and manages to save her.

Tris thinks Tobias knows Marcus better, but she still has her doubts. When Tris and other Dauntless members are ambushed by the Dauntless traitors on the rooftop of Hancock Tower, she is captured by the traitors as a Divergent.

In the epilogue set two and a half years afterward, Four becomes an assistant council member of the new Chicago and moves to a new apartment as further away from his former home.

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Later they find out about a simulation that will kill Dauntless members until a Divergent is given to Erudite. Before she can get there, Lynn's sister Shauna is shot and injured. Tobias tries to attack Jeanine to prevent this, but fails.

Tobias insists that she should let him make things right. They arrive at Abnegation sector to meet the Dauntless and the factionless.

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