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Dehumidifier hose hookup, building a meat curing chamber

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When Dehumidifier hose hookup container is full, the unit will automatically turn off until the container is emptied. That seemed like a more practical solution for lowering RH inside the curing chamber.

Product Specifications

The effective answer to excessive humidity is a refrigeration-type dehumidifier such as the CD dehumidifier. I programmed mine to only run at night. Is it big enough?

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One thing I did differently for this batch is to gradually reduce humidity over time. More information can be found at this web site. During that time ambient temperature got noticeably higher.

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Finding The Best Dehumidifiers. Add a timer to activate the fan at predetermined time. Wants a rugged dehumidifier with a heavy duty steel exterior.

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This salami is a good example of what type of challenges I had to deal with before. How well does it work.

The Best Basement Dehumidifier

November 5, Awesomely, awesome! With the hose drain hookup you can run it as much as you want to never have to empty the water.

Leave a comment below. Then I realized what the problem was. But I'd still like it to be relative quiet so I can still watch TV.

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Continuous circulation of air throughout the dehumidifier gradually reduces the humidity within the area. That did not work at all.

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It also appears as though the casing is coming off a little more easily. There are slight differences in the temperatures and RH reported between the two.

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This Ivation model is in the medium range for noise. See the entire family of Ebac Dehumidifiers. There meat close to the casing appears to be a bit darker than toward the center.

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Rated to remove up to 70 pints of moisture per day, these models are perfect for rooms of various sizes and even small basements.